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Brahmastra is an upcoming Indian Multi-lingual Super fantasy adventure movie. Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Mouni Roy, and Nagarjuna Akkineni are playing lead roles. Ayan Mukerji and Hussain Dalal write the story and Director of the movie. Shahrukh Khan plays the cameo appearance. The cinematography is done by Pankaj Kumar while edited by A. Sreekar Prasad, Akiv Ali, and Manik Dawar. Pritam is composing the music for the movie. The Budget of the movie is Rs.300 Cr. The Brahmastra movie scheduled to release on 9 September 2022. Here get the complete details of Brahmastra Movie News and Updates.

Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan Mukerji, Apoorva Mehta, Namit Malhotra, and Marijke Desouza are the Brahmastra Movie producers. Fox Star Studios and Dharma Productions are the production houses. The movie distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Brahmastra Movie Trailer


The trailer of Brahmastra Part One Shiva landed early on Wednesday morning. The long-in-gestation movie, starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, revealed. Some of its secrets in the almost three-minute video, while teasing a few others. Brahmastra movie trailer, as advertised earlier, is high on VFX as it establishes a universe of superheroes who safeguard the weapons that harness the power of elements and the big daddy of them all, the Brahmastra.

Movie Story

Millions of years ago, Brahmansh, a mysterious society was protecting the weapons that were made in antiquated India. Presently one of them, Brahmastra is aware of destroying the universe. To anticipate it, Shiva should utilize the force of fire he offered. However, he needs to recognize it first. The dream fiction finished with Brahma, Vishnu, Isha, and Damyanti. The film is the initial segment of a set of three, the second and third pieces of which will allegedly deliver in 2024 and 2026.

Movie News

On 27th May Dharma Productions released the Kumkumala Song Teaser from Brahmstra movie on Youtube. This song already released in Hindi Version title by Kesariya. In Telugu Kumkumala lyrics written by Chandrabose and music was composed by S.P. Abhishek. Sid Sriram made another love byte for Telugu music lovers.

Director S.S. Rajamouli declared that he will introduce the movie in four South languages along with Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna Akkineni, and Karan Johar. S. S. Rajamouli said The idea of Brahmastra is special, which reflects in its story and show.

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Sandeep Madhav is a hero who has made a name for himself in the Telugu states with his movies Vangaveeti and George Reddy. Now another movie started with Sandeep as the hero. The movie title is Gandharva. Gayatri R. Suresh and Akshat Srinivas play female leads. Apsar is a debut director. YN Madhu is producing under Yes and Yum Creations and Veerashankar Silver Screens. The movie scheduled to release on 8th July 2022.

Leading directors VV Vinayak, Krish, Hero Srikanth and actor Saikumar were the chief guests. After the pooja, Srikanth switched on the camera as VV Vinayak clapped for the muhurta scene shot on hero Sandeep Madhav and heroine Akshat Srinivas. The scene honorably directed by Krish.

Gandharva Movie Trailer

Hero Sandeep Madhav, Heroine Akshat Srinivas, Director Apsar, Leading Actors Suresh, Babumohan, Adarsh, Cameraman Jawahar Reddy, Music Director Rap Rock Shakeel, Producers Veerashankar and Yum Y. Madhu were present at the press conference.

Speaking on the occasion, producer Veerashankar said, Apsar is a director with good sensibilities. He worked very hard to prepare a wonderful story called Gandharva. He is a director who is passionate about making new movies. But, I was delighted to hear the story told by Apsar. I immediately said ok. No such story has been heard in recent times. I joined this project with the confidence that it will definitely be a hit.

Apsar told a lot of stories to Veerashankar with the intention of making a film. He says you have to get better and get a little more maturity levels. I gained experience on 24 Crafts and waited for many days. I prepared a good story with a new concept and told it to Veerashankar. He immediately gave a lot of advice and suggestions that he was fantastic. I come from a military background. That being said it is not such a subject. What Sandy is doing is a military character but with all the family sentiment, comedy, emotion, commercial elements. ‘Gandharva’ means to be eternally young. There will be Hilarious Intensity. Saikumar, Suresh, Babumohan, Adarsh ​​.. along with 30 others are acting. Each character has a priority.

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Blackjack is a world-famous card game with simple rules. Little depends on luck and intuition. To beat a reliable live kasino, like, you need to know the theory well, have experience and act on a preconceived strategy.

Blackjack Rules In Casinos

This live kasino game uses up to 8 decks of 52 cards each. There is a dealer at the table, whose actions are spelled out in the rules. Dealers always take from the deck if they have less than 16 points in his hand, but stop when the amount is greater than or equal to 17.

The Goal Of The Game

The key objective is to beat the dealer. You must score up to 21 points using the minimum number of cards. You can win in a live kasino in three ways:

  • Collect less than 21 points, but more than the dealer;
  • Collect blackjack – an ace and a 10 point card;
  • Make the dealer score over 21.

Why Choose Online Blackjack


In a trusted live kasino, you get bonuses. They act as analogues of real money, so they can be used to play blackjack. In the case of failure, the bankroll won’t suffer. If you win, the balance will receive a cash prize.

There are many promotional offers at online casinos. Some require you to make a deposit, with others, you must perform missions from the operator. For example, according to the terms of the promotion, you need to invite a friend to the site or share a link in social networks.

The bonus can only be cashed out after wagering. A wager is a coefficient, showing how many times the amount of bets should exceed the amount of the bonus.

Many Varieties Of Blackjack

In land-based casinos, the number of varieties of blackjack is limited. However, there are a lot of blackjack options in a live kasino. These are the most popular of them:

  • Pontoon. The British version of American blackjack. The key difference is that players may see one card before they bet. First, participants are dealt one card each and select how much to bet. Then the second card is dealt. Then the game goes by the classical rules.
  • Switch. The game was invented in 2009. From the classic version, it differs only in that you can change the cards on the two boxes. This action is called a “switch”. At the beginning, a participant places the same bets on the two boxes. Then he gets the cards. Then the player can swap them on the boxes to make the most successful combination.
  • With a double reveal. The feature is that both of the dealer’s cards are open. So, participants are easier to make decisions, they get an advantage. However, the chances of winning the casino are balanced by other rules. For example, the dealer wins with 17 points. The first card is received by the dealer. It’s placed face up. After dealing, players can double the original bet. Then the session continues by the classical rules.

Demo Mode

In online casinos, you can play blackjack in demo mode. The primary difference is that virtual credits are used instead of real money. In this mode, there are no financial risks, and the winnings will also be virtual, they cannot be withdrawn from the account or used for gambling.

Beginners use the free version to understand the rules of blackjack without risking their money. It’s also run by experienced players to practice the strategy in practice. However, this option is available only for traditional blackjack, you won’t find it at a live kasino.

Fast Gameplay

The number of blackjack hands in a land-based casino is about 50-70 per hour. Online, you don’t have to wait for the dealer to shuffle the deck and deal the cards, and for the table participants to make a decision. So, the gameplay in virtual casinos is faster. In an hour, you can play from 100 hands.

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Sometimes great movies turn into great flops! Destiny, you could call them. The rejection of art and its failure to draw the treasured prize is not new. Even Sidney failed to win the heart of Penelope! So what?

Through times and climes, the most heartfelt attempts have been rejected in this crude world. 

Paul Thomas Anderson, Martin Scorcese, Coen Brothers, Darren Aronofsky- scholars and stalwarts in their own realm could not but face rejections from the audience. No, we are not in a mood to drag the ghost out… Art and financial recognition.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the great Cinematic Creations that the audience did not receive well. 

Great Films That Failed In The Box Office 

Let’s tack back to the history of films to draw some examples of Great Failures.  

1. The Big Lebowski (1998)

The embedded word aptly defines the greatness of the hidden diamond in a coal block…glaring and perplexing and introspective, great. First, it had to turn out into a great movie, but later on. It was not an instant great, yes that it was.  

The film initiated with questions; it went over the head of Critics and Audiences alike. But unfortunately, even the Cohen Brothers were disappointed. 

Money? Only $ 18 million, to perfectly describe the simple word, Flop. 

2. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

The star-studded film was a classic now but not at the time of release. 

This very film helped launch successful actors like Bradly Cooper and Amy Poehler. The film was ignored at the box office.

However, there was no dearth of art and thoughtfulness. A well-worked-out film it was, but unfortunately did not click at the box office. 

3. The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter’s science fiction ‘The Thing’ was a box office failure. The film brought only $19.6 million out of the $ 15 million overall production budget! It indeed requires rocket science to understand the debacle of this great science fiction movie. But later on, it is recognized as Carpenter’s best movie. 

4. Blow Out (1981)

Brian De Palma has indeed been one of the directors who have made some of the most lucrative films. Among them, we can name “Mission Impossible” on the list. Blow Out is no short of a masterpiece that met a disappointing end at the box office.

The film bore the signature of the director’s thoughtfulness along with editing techniques and the use of split screens.

It might be that the film was far too ahead of the times and went over the heads of people. 

Such a great movie could only make $13.7million, whereas the production cost was $ 18 million. Indeed hard to digest, but a crude fact.

5. Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)

The film turned out to be a failure, a massive, massive failure. According to statistics, the film recovered only $47.4 million in the North American continent, despite costing $130 million to make it. 

Now, critics make the film an epic but had the audience understood the value; they could have stopped the film from turning into an epic failure.

6. The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

The film was directed by Any Coen Brothers. Paul Newman played a crucial role in the movie. 

Therefore everyone would expect a grand success. But the film turned out to be among one of the most underrated movies.

It earned only $ 11 million on a $25 million budget. Initially, the critics were lukewarm with the movie. But later on, I understood the value of the movie. But it’s too late by that time.

7. The King Of Comedy 

Martin Scorcese’s movie, the King of Comedy, was reduced to a beggar at the box office.

A financial Flop it was, but believe us, there was no dearth of artistic efforts. Though great the movie was, it earned only $2.5million on a budget of $19million. There is no proper explanation for this failure. 


Therefore what is the extract of this article? You may not receive praise for your great work. Call it fate… call it destiny or whatever.

All the films mentioned above, together with many other examples, including The Tree of Life, turned out to be failures at the box office.

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Hit: The First Case is an upcoming Hindi movie. Sailesh Kolanu is the writer and director of the movie. Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra are playing lead roles. Rajkummar Rao will be seen next in the Hindi remake of the Telugu cop drama HIT. Dil Raju is the producer of the movie under the SVCC Entertainment. The film tells the story of a cop who is on the trail of a missing woman.  HIT stands for Homicide Intervention Team. Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma played lead roles in the Telugu film. The first look poster of Rajkummar from the film has now been unveiled. HIT: The First Case movie scheduled to release on 15th July 2022. Here get the details about Hit: The First Case Movie news and updates.

Hit: The First Case Movie Glimpse of Vikram

The first glimpse of Vikram Rajkummar Rao’s character from HIT – The First Case, shows him in an intense avatar. He is seen sporting a neatly trimmed beard and earrings on both ears. He gives an intense look in the poster. Rajkumar’s Vikram is a cop. Sharing the poster, Rajkummar wrote, “Unravelling the first mystery. Hitting the theatres on 15th July 2022.

Rajkummar Rao is excited for his new project. Earlier, in a statement, the actor talked about being a part of HIT. He had said, When I saw HIT, I instantly connected with it. It’s an engaging story, relevant in today’s environment. As an actor I am always on the look out to play characters I haven’t explored and HIT gives me a chance to do that. I’m looking forward to take this journey with Sailesh and Dil Raju.

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Vaashi is an upcoming Malayalam language courtroom drama movie. Keerthy Suresh and Tovino Thomas playing lead roles. Vishnu Raghav is the director of the movie and the story written by Vishnu Raghav and Janis Chacko Simon. The producers are G. Suresh Kumar, Menaka, Nithin Mohan, K. Radhakrishnan, and Revathy Sureshkumar. Urvasi Theatres and Remya movies are the production houses. Kailas Memon is composing the music for this movie. Roby Varghese working as a cinematographer. The movie scheduled to release on 17th June 2022. Here get the details about Vaashi Movie news and updates.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Abhishek Bachchan shared the first look poster of the movie. Here’s the first look of Vaashi. Woww, this is one supremely talented team! wishing my dear Keerthy Suresh the very best for Vaashi. Waiting eagerly for this one! Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan too shared the first look of the film on his Instagram timeline. He said, Another incredible movie coming from the Malayalam film industry. Good luck Tovino Thomas, Keerthy Suresh, and the entire cast and crew of Vaashi movie. Actor Trisha had also shared the poster.

Vaashi Movie Teaser

The 1:22 seconds video shows two lawyers, Tovino and Keerthy. While Tovino hates to lose, Keerthy fights for the truth. The movie stamps Keerthy’s return to Malayalam movie after a long gap.

Tovino comes across as a lawyer who hates to lose, and Keerthy wants to fight for the truth. As the one and half-minute teaser proceeds. We see Tovino challenging Keerthy, to which the latter replies, I will show you how I win with my experience. The shift from friends to courtroom rivals is quite visible and is the most exciting part of the teaser.

Trailer News

The movie buffs are enthusiastically hanging tight for Tovino Thomas and Keerthy Suresh’s court drama Vaashi movie. Presently, the creators of the Malayalam flick have educated us that the trailer regarding this eagerly awaited film will be out tomorrow fourteenth June at 7 PM.

Some time back, the group uncovered the secret for Vaashi. Going by the video, the film will follow a legitimate battle between two attorneys, notwithstanding, the wind in the story is that these two appear to be sweethearts. This skirmish of adoration and truth seems to be a fascinating idea.

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About Sportsbet 

Sportsbet is a popular bookmaker in India which offers services for betting and gambling. Sportsbet website started its existence in 2016 and during this period has been making tweaks to the platform itself to make it easier for users to enjoy the full functionality of the platform. In general, the Sportsbet website is licensed by Curacao, which tells the user that all of the platform’s activities are controlled by the Gaming Commission and all activities are transparently clean with no money or data theft issues. Overall, you will be able to find about 10 languages on the platform, which shows the global scale of the platform. The sportsbook is rich with sports disciplines on which the user can bet and experiment with betting other than cricket. For gambling enthusiasts, separately you can find the casino section, which is also packed with various games that you will definitely not get bored of. 

Sportsbet Review

When you first visit the Sportsbet website homepage you will find an attractive design that does not strain the user’s eye at any time of day. It is also worth noting the simple navigation, which allows you to open the sports discipline for betting in a matter of seconds, or find the section responsible for the casino component in no time at all. Just below on the home page, you’ll find a large ‘Feature events’ table where you can see the current cricket tournaments, in our case the T20 Blast. At the top, next to the bookmaker’s logo, there is a menu that contains various tabs. The first tab is Sports and Casino, and then you can see other tabs responsible for downloading the app to your device, tabs related to technical support, and others. 

The odds on the outcome of the match are high enough to allow the bettor to increase his capital in the shortest possible time. In addition, there is a wide range of bets on the outcome of the match, which allows the bettor to make more accurate bets and thus multiply his capital by several times. However, if you make a more accurate bet, you are always at risk. Place such a bet carefully. 

If you want to bet in real-time, you may select “Inplay”, which shows all the matches that have already started and the odds that you can bet on, from the menu on the left side of the home page. This tab allows the user to study the conditions on the pitch and then place a more sensible bet. It should be noted, however, that the odds are constantly changing depending on the situation on the pitch, which tells you that if the team you want to bet on has full possession of the entire game, the odds will be extremely small and there is no point in betting on such a match.

The Registration Process on the Sportsbet Website

The registration process is quite simple and does not take long for the user to start using the bookmaker’s services. To carry out the registration process you have to do several simple steps:

  1. Using any browser, go to the main page of the Sportsbet website;
  2. Then in the top right corner click the button “Register”;
  3. Here is a separate window you can register quickly via Google, Metamask or you can simply enter your details, we will choose the second method;
  4. Come up with a username, password, enter your email, date of birth (the main condition is that you are at least 18 years old), phone number, and agree that you are 18 years old and agree to the rules of the bookmaker;
  5. After all the information you have entered, all you have to do is click on “Create account” and the registration process is completed.

However, to withdraw your winnings from betting or casino, you will have to go through a verification process that allows the company to verify your identity. To verify your identity, you only need to send a picture of your passport, driving license, ID card, bank statement, or anything else that will give the administration the information they need about the user. After you have sent the file for verification, the administration checks the photos in the queue and after a short time, the verification status will appear on your profile. 

Sports Betting on the Sportsbet Website

Sports Betting on the Sportsbet Website

As mentioned earlier, there are a wealth of sports disciplines to choose from. There are around 37 disciplines on which you can bet and enjoy betting. Each of them has high odds, a wide range of bets on the outcome of the match, and the possibility of betting in live mode, which is generally ideal for any bettor. Sportsbet’s website has a special focus on cricket and football. This is due to the fact that India has national teams in these disciplines and because of this, there is such a large fan base for betting on sports. Everyone loves cricket because of its spectacle and popularity thanks to the massive IPL tournament which is held every year and is already over.

Now, after IPL 2022, the T20 has begun, which also has interesting competition and a tense atmosphere on the field. Also worth mentioning is football, which is even more popular than cricket at times, thanks to the tight schedules and availability of tournaments featuring top clubs from around the world. At the moment, Sportsbet is working with global teams such as Arsenal, São Paulo, and Southampton. This is also to say that the betting office also puts a lot of effort into the football discipline because thanks to these collaborations many fans of these clubs come to bet on their favorites. 

If you don’t like to bet on sports disciplines, but only prefer cybersport disciplines, then you can find it all in the Esports section. Here you will find disciplines such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, FIFA, and others. Each of the presented disciplines has a dynamic type of game, which is accompanied by team play and elaborated strategy on the part of 2 teams. This makes it extremely interesting to watch these disciplines and in general, to warm up the interest in betting on your favorite team. Each of the disciplines, especially CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends boast extremely large online tournaments, allowing the organizers to hold fairly large tournaments with good prize money. Because of this, it is interesting to bet on such disciplines. Good luck in your endeavors.

Casino at Sportsbet Website

Like many well-known bookmakers, the Sportsbet website offers a wide range of slots, live dealers, and Poker. Around 1,000 different games can be played in the slots section, which is a pretty good number. Many of the slots are supported by renowned providers from around the world, which generally lets the user know about the slot and that the slot is not aimed at making the customer lose out completely. And in general, it is not beneficial for the providers to deceive their users and spoil their reputation in the market, since if the reputation in the market is spoiled then it is for good.

Such slots usually have rather high RTP rates, which tells the user that the slot’s payback is rather high. If you want to play more than just slots, there are other games to play, both offline and with a live dealer. With a live dealer, the user can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real land-based casino while sitting at their computer tablet or smartphone screen. You can play games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Table Games, Poker, and more. These games are supported by well-known providers such as EBET, Asia Gaming, Betgames TV, OneTouch, and Evolution Gaming. Generally speaking on the casino site you won’t get bored as there are plenty of game variations to suit your taste, but if you get bored with the casino you can jump straight into the betting sections and enjoy watching the matches with the Sportsbet website.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods 

Withdrawal and deposit methods are only available through verified payment systems that are licensed to operate in India. Each of the offered payment systems offered by the Sportsbet website has a transaction facility in Indian rupees, which allows transfers to be made in a matter of seconds without the use of third-party exchangers. Popular withdrawal and deposit methods include:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Muchbetter;
  • AstroPay Direct or Card;
  • Jeton;
  • UPI;
  • Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Etherium), etc.
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Malayalam star Dulquer Salman’s Tollywood debut movie is in progress to complete the shooting. Hanu Raghavapudi is the director of the movie. Vyjayanthi Movies is the producer of the movie. director Hanu Raghavapudi and his production team have announced the movie title. On the occasion of Shri Ram Navami. Mrunalini Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna are the female leads in the movie. Gautham Menon, Prakash Raj, and Sumanth are playing key roles. Vishal Chandrasekhar is composing the music for this movie. The movie scheduled to release on 5th August 2022. Here get the details of Sita Ramam Movie news and updates.

Sita Ramam Movie Glimpse

The 45 seconds video starts with Rashmika taking over the screen. The audience hears a voiceover that suggests that Rashmika’s character Afreen has to make sure that Ram and Sita win the war. This is a war that a soldier has assigned to his enemy. In this war, you have to make sure that Ram and Sita win, the voiceover says. And as soon as Rashmika asks who are Ram and Sita, we introduced them to Dulquer and Mrunal.

Vishal Chandrashekar composed the songs for the film and the makers have announced to release of the first single- ‘Oh Sita Hey Rama’ on May 9th. It’s going to be a pleasant romantic number going by the announcement poster, where Dulquer Salmaan is seen following Mrunalini in the rain. The poster speaks volumes about their chemistry in the movie.

Movie Story

The movie story related to war and the movie titled Sita Ramam Movie. Dulquer said to be essaying the role of a soldier, while his love story will be depicted in a beautiful way in the movie. Dulquer is said to be essaying the role of a soldier, while his love story will be depicted in a beautiful way in the movie. The producers of Sita Ramam released a video, which features Sumanth’s voiceover, while Rashmika Mandanna’s role in the title glimpse introduced as a character with shades of Lord Hanuman, who helps Rama to bring back Sita in the Ramayana.

Oh Sita Hey Rama Song

The lyrical video of the track Oh Sita Hey Rama was released. The track is a beautiful melody that features a love story between the lead pair. In the lyrical video, Mrunal Thakur, who will portray Sita in the film, could be seen in a green-colored saree, while the Dilquer looked in a black shirt. It also showcases Dulquer Salmaan’s cop avatar. The song sung by SPB Charan and Ramya Behara, while Vishal Chandrashekhar arranged and composed it. Ananth Sriram wrote the lyrics for this beautiful melody.

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If you’re looking for a classic Bollywood movie or a lesser-known gem to kick back in front of and enjoy after a busy day at the office or to sing along with on a girls’ night in, then the list below has got you covered! From high-octane thrillers to dazzling musicals to critically-acclaimed cinematic masterpieces, there’s something here for everyone.

And if you’re new to Hindi movies? Then you’re in for a treat, so choose your film, settle back, and enjoy.

Shershaah (2021)

Captain Vikram Batra became a household name in India in 1999 for the valor he displayed in the Kargil War of the same year, in which India and Pakistan fought for ownership of Kashmir. Sidharth Malhotra plays Batra in this movie which picked up a plethora of awards and nominations following its release, including for Best Picture at the International Indian Film Academy.

Captain Batra was awarded, posthumously, India’s highest award for courage, the Param Vir Chakra.

Kaali Kuuhi (2021)

This Netflix original production is a chilling movie about a haunted village and the vengeful spirit that has cursed it. It comes down to the powers of a ten-year-old girl to keep her family safe from the growing threat, which is complicated by the spirit’s determination to seek retribution: we soon learn that the village has a dark past that has involved the killing of its female children.

This might not be one to watch alone, but if you fancy a creep-fest, then pour the popcorn and get a pillow ready to hide behind.

Bareilly ki Barfi (2017)

If you’re looking for the ultimate in Bollywood feel-good entertainment, then seek no further than this must-watch from 2017. The movie stars Kriti Sanon and Ayushmann Khurrana and focuses on the adventures of a small-town girl who bumps into a couple of charismatic individuals with life-changing consequences. 

Funny, contemporary, and with some killer dance scenes, Bareilly ki Barfi won’t disappoint – and if you need a pick-me-up, rest assured that you’ll be smiling from ear to ear by the time the end credits roll.

Mom (2017)

Mom is a riveting Hindi revenge movie that centers on a mother (played by Sridevi) who is determined to enact justice on the group of boys who attacked her daughter. Tense, heart-wrenching, and compelling, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final scene.

Sridevi sadly passed away recently, and this was her final film. The actress was known for her exceptional, authentic performances – as evidenced in Mom.

Queen (2014)

A long-standing hit with audiences, Queen follows the character of Rani (played by Kangana Ranawat), who, having never set foot outside of her hometown, decides to go on a sightseeing trip across Europe solo. 

What unfolds is a story that is equal parts hilarious and tear-jerking – and Ranawat’s performance is not to be missed.

Madras Cafe (2013)

If you fancy curling up in front of a riveting action thriller flick, then Madras Cafe is a great call. Starring John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri, the movie is about an Indian intelligence operative’s journey to a war-torn island, where he encounters a rebel group and a journalist who is passionate about the events unfolding.

Set in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the movie is a compelling insight into Indian politics and an exploration of India’s intervention in the Sri Lanka civil war. Although fictional, the film is inspired by real events; it was nominated for and won a plethora of awards, including Best Cinematography and the 2014 Filmfare Awards.

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)

This multi-award-winning movie tells the story of the community of a small Indian village who play a game of cricket against their cruel British rulers, with their future at stake. Starring Aamir Khan and Raghuvir Yadav, the film is a fusion of genres, combining historical drama, sport, and musical elements, and was a huge hit with audiences and critics alike. Its power comes from the strength of the actors’ performances and the care taken to recreate period detail: from the locations to the use of sound effects, the India of the British-rule era is brought vibrantly to life.

You’ll need to set aside a good chunk of time to watch the movie in one sitting, though: it has a running time of nearly four hours….although the original cut was over seven hours long!

The Touch (1980)

A gem of a film from 1980, The Touch stars Shabana Azmi and has been cited by critics as an example of the cinematic beauty of Hindi movies. The story revolves around the Principal of a school for blind children who, himself, is blind, and the romance that he develops with a social worker who visits the school.

Things become complicated when the main character begins to have doubts about the viability of the marriage, fearing that his soon-to-be-wife will come to pity or even patronize him as time goes by. Bit of Bollywood trivia? Al Pacino watched this movie before filming Scent of a Woman, and it’s believed to have had a significant influence.

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Ante Sundaraniki is a 2022 Telugu romantic drama movie, written and directed by Vivek Athreya. Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar are the producers under the Mythri Movie Makers. Nani and Nazriya Nazim are playing leading roles. Harsha Vardhan, Suhas, Rahul Ramakrishna, Naresh, Azhagam Perumal, and Nadhiya are playing supporting roles. Niketh Bommireddy is working as a cinematographer and edited by Ravi Teja Girijala. Vivek Sagar is composing the music for the movie. Ante Sundaraniki movie released on 10 June 2022. Here get the information about Ante Sundaraniki full movie download.

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Trailer

The trailer of Ante Sundaraniki movie, it would be no exaggeration to say, was a disservice to the depth of the film. The film is not about laughs. It is not about other sorts of entertainment. It is a family drama as much as a quirky comedy. The social commentary is not superficial. The subtext is relevant. And, above all, the script brings out the flaws of humans who cling on to shibboleths without sounding preachy anywhere.

Movie Story

Sundaram is a private company employee, hails from an orthodox Brahmin family. Leela Thomas is a photographer and her Christian family is also religious. Sundaram has loved Leela since their school days. Circumstances lead to Leela falling in love with Sundaram. Knowing well that neither Sundaram’s parents nor Leela’s parents will agree to their marriage, they explore various options. Finally, they decide to lie that she’s pregnant with Sundaram’s child, and he has another problem. Their plan lands them in more embarrassing situations and leads to many complications. The lovers resort to deception and concoct two lies in order to fool their respective elders into accepting their affair. What consequences this awkward plan leads to and how the characters come of age is the crux of the story.

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Movie Review

The film addresses the idea of interfaith sentiment and conveys a significant message and furthermore recounts to a delicate story, all inside a commonplace business design. The story has a great deal of natural biases – – a Brahmin family won’t permit their youngsters to cross the oceans to unfamiliar grounds and they permit no others to try and enter their family. Essentially, a Christian man swears off eating food shared by others and just visits emergency clinics show to his local area. These tendencies make for an intriguing film pitch, yet Ante Sundaraniki, coordinated by Vivek Athreya, is an exhausting instance of a promising reason that doesn’t completely fructify into a convincing film.

The principal half specifically doesn’t take off and tests your understanding like anything. The last part, in any case, is the spirit. Post-interlude, the film coasts along pleasantly while zeroing in on the contention among Sundar and Leela. The film urges us to introspect, it makes us take a gander at individuals diversely and not solid arm our kids in that frame of mind of strict convictions.

Regardless of the cliché characterisation, Rohini, Nadhiya, Azhagam Perumal and Aruna Bhikshu pleasantly finish up their parts, despite the fact that they have definitely less to do than Naresh, who is flavorfully impolite as Sundar’s odd dad. Anupama Parameswaran and Harsha Vardhan toll in well, while Rahul Ramakrishna, Prudhvi and Srikanth Iyengar, as well, make their presence felt in supporting jobs.

Vivek Sagar’s tunes and foundation score don’t have an effect. Had a tune or two clicked, the destiny of the film would have been obviously better. Ravi Teja Girijala’s altering might have been taken care of well and no less than 15-20 minutes of the film might have been managed. Parental resistance is probably the most seasoned struggle to the extent that interfaith sentiments go. Albeit redundant, the social struggle here gives us a few veritable giggles. In any case, at 2 hours and 56 minutes, Ante Sundaraniki is a long, liberal film that breaks you down.

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