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Jason Momoa Aquaman has already crossed $118 Million in Chian (in the first 5 days), as per Forbes report. After the huge success in China, the expectation for India (release date 14th December 2018). With a high expectation in the worldwide market, here we are with Aquaman Box Office Collection and reviews.

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With the release in the international market, Aquaman has received a mixed reaction. The movie has some amazing action scenes and one of the best parts is the slow-mo effect. We know that slow-mo is quite common these days, but in Aquaman the effect is exceptional.

Aquaman is its full original series and we will see more DC characters development in 2019. The movie flaunts Jason’s body and tattoos, but talking about the best moment in Aquaman is during the School Aquarium visit. We see how the small boy attracts sea animals and when gets bullied a giant shark comes to protect him.

This movie is all about Aurther’s (James) life and gives a short story about his past. Apart from actions and VFX, Aquaman movie also has some family drama at the start of the movie. Overall the movie is worth watching in theaters and if you are a DC Fan, then this movie will be your perfect weekend getaway.

Aquaman Box Office Collection

Aquaman has already become the 4th top-grossing Superhero movie by making a gross of  $94.2 million in its first week. This ensures that the movie will be doing great in Indian and other countries and this gets confirmed after looking at China’s Box office Collection for the first week.

Day Box Office Collection In India
1st Day 7.5 Cr
2nd Day 8.0 Cr
3rd Day 11.3 Cr
4th Day 8.3 Cr
5th Day 3.5 Cr
6th Day 2.3 Cr
7th Day 1.8 Cr
8th Day TBA
9th Day TBA
Total 42.7 Cr

Aquaman Box Office Collection In China

By getting pre-released in China Aquaman has already created some hype in other countries. On its first Week, Aquaman has grossed $185 Million Box office Collection just in China.  The movie is yet to get released in India and the USA.
Day Box Office Collection In Chian
1st Day $ 22.70 M
2nd Day $ 37.83 M
3rd Day $ 31.96 M
4th Day $ 12.91 M
5th Day $ 10.63 M
6th Day $ 8.92 M
7th Day $ 4.11 M
8th Day $ 12.46 M
9th Day $ 23.5 M
10th Day $ 9.48 M
11th Day $ 5.30 M
12th Day $ 4.55 M
13th Day $ 2.5 M
Total $ 186.85 M

Aquaman Box Office Collection Prediction

Looking at Aquaman’s performance in China Box Office Collection, it seems that movie will do pretty well in the worldwide market. Aquaman will get released on 14th December in Indian, USA and another part of the countries. Looking at James’ fan base here we are with Aquaman Box Office Collection Prediction. 

If the Aquaman Gets Good Review

Having a huge DC fan base worldwide, the movie is expected to do a gross of $40 M. This will definitely affect the rest of the days and we are expecting it to gross more than 150 Million on its first week.

 1st Day prediction 40 M
 2nd Day prediction 33 M
 3rd Day prediction 20 M
 1st Weekend prediction 150 M
 Worldwide prediction 180 M
 Total Box Office prediction 200 M

If the Aquaman Gets Negative Review

Even after getting a good review in the China market, there is a huge possibility that people from countries might not like the movie. If Aquaman gets negative feedback from the audience, then it is expected to gross not more an $ 110 M in the 1st Week.

 1st Day prediction 30 M
 2nd Day prediction 20 M
 3rd Day prediction 15 M
 1st Weekend prediction 80 M
 Worldwide prediction 90 M
 Total Box Office prediction 110 M

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