Ayogya Box Office Collecion, Hit or Flop

Ayogya Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop – Can It Beat Simba & Temper?

In the last couple of years, we have seen many remakes of Temper movie. This time it is Vishal coming up with Another remake of Telugu Movie Temper movie in Tamil languages, which is titled as Ayogya. Overall, the movie has received a good response on its trailer and is expected to do decent in the Box Office. Hence, we are here to check Ayogya Box Office Collection and will also see if Ayogya is Hit or Flop movie.

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This movie is about a corrupt police officer working with the gangster. In fact, he is so corrupt that he can do anything for money. But, one day an incident changes his life. The then corrupt police officer is now against all the criminal who he uses to work for. We will see Vishal playing the lead role, where Rashi will be playing his Girlfriend.

Ayogya Box Office Collection

Ayogya Box Office Collection Collection (Cr)
1st Day Collection TBA
2nd Day Collection TBA
3rd Day Collection TBA
4th Day Collection TBA
5th Day Collection TBA
6th Day Collection TBA
7th Day Collection TBA
8th Day Collection TBA
9th Day Collection TBA
10th Day Collection TBA
Ayogya Total Collection TBA

Ayogya Box Office Collection Prediction

Being a remake of Temper, there are talks that the footfall for the movie will be less. On the other hand, only there are no major movies releasing this week. This, in fact, gives an upper hand for Ayogya. No matter what movie release, there will a huge difference in Ayogya Box Office Collection depending on public feedback. If the review os good, we are expecting that Ayogya could make around 80 Cr, and if the review is negative it might not cross more than 30 Cr in the Box Office.

Duration Positive Talk Negative Talk
1st Day 10 Cr 08 Cr
2nd Day 12 Cr 05 Cr
3rd Day 15 Cr 04 Cr
Opening weekend 37 Cr 17 Cr
Total Collections 80 Cr 30 Cr

Ayogya Hit or Flop

Ayogya is will release on 10th May 2019, hence it is too early to decide if the movie Ayogya is Hit or Flop. Made with a Budget of 45 Cr (est), the movie needs to make around 60 Cr to be a Hit movie (As per Movie-Rater’s HOFS ratio).

Ayogya Movie Review 

Vishal doesn’t get help throughout the first half is made to mouth affected punch dialogues at the top of his voice. In the second part when the emotional scenes arrive that gives him a chance to perform and he grasps it with both hands. Vishal excellent in the scenes, he interacts as a new man with KSR, M.S. Bhaskar, and Pooja Devariya. Action is Vishal’s forte and he does not disappoint one bit in the pyrotechnics department making the villains fly all over the place. The audience root for Vishal’s Karnan when makes the ultimate sacrifice in the climax. Raashi Khanna goes through the motions of the mandatory love interest being let down by the writing. K.S. Ravikumar is in fine form as the voice of conscience in front of the hero. Parthiban does get a few trademark punchlines but on the whole, there is only confusion whether he is a dreaded criminal or a joker. M.S.Bhaskar and Pooja Devariya have done full justice to two pivotal characters that bring about a change in the hero.


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