Classic Indian Gambling Game

Teen Patti: Exploring the Classic Indian Gambling Game


Classic Indian Gambling Game

Teen Patti is arguably the most popular and practiced card game in India. It can be regarded as a simplified alternative of poker in India, also known as Poker of the subcontinent since it is most popular in the Indian subcontinent. Indian gambling games are slightly different from the Western ones, some of them are modified versions of their western counterparts and some are native classic Indian gambling game.

No matter by which name you recognize it, Teen Patti is such an interesting game to play. As it’s very much clear from the name, Teen Patti is played with 3 cards eachBoth the players are dealt 3 cards each, and the player having the highest hand wins. 

What is the best strategy for betting in teen Patti:

There’s always a possibility that you might end up losing heavily in the game because after all it’s a game of odds and odds do not always favor you. We advise you to start easy with betting, place smaller bets in the beginning, and once you have secured some wins you can place risky bets. 

How do we rank hands in Teen Patti

So now when we know that it is played with 3 cards each, obviously the one having the highest degree of cards will win. Below is how we decide who got the better cards:

Trail: the scenario when you have all 3 cards of the same denomination. For example 3 four’s. The highest trail is of three aces and the lowest of three twos. You must have seen people getting three aces in movies, but let me tell you, in real life, the odds of getting three aces are really low.

Straight Run: Having consecutive cards from the same suit without skipping a middle number is called a straight run. The highest is A-2-3, while the lowest straight run is 2-A-K. If your opponent is not having a trial or a straight run and even if you got the smallest straight run, you would win.

Normal Run: this is slightly easy to get because in this you need 3 consecutive cards not necessarily from the same suit. Here too the highest is A-2-3, while the lowest straight run is 2-A-K. For example, you get 2 of diamond, 3 of heart, and 4 of spade then it’s a normal run because cards are from different suits. It is ranked below straight run. 

Color: as the name suggests, getting 3 cards of the same suit. In case both the players got 3 cards of the suit then the denomination of the cards is taken into consideration. The player having the card of highest denomination wins, if that is the same too then the card with the second-highest denomination is taken into consideration, and similarly the third card in case the second one is similar to. Though it’s a very rare possibility, still our job is to cite them down.

Pair: having not 3 but 2 cards of the same denomination, for example getting two 5’s and one K. The highest in this is AAK and the 222.

High card: don’t worry if you haven’t got the cards that fall in any of the above-mentioned categories, this is the most likely option in the game of Teen Patti. In this case, you’d receive all three cards of different denominations. Here the player having the highest denomination of cards wins. The highest possible denomination is A-K-J while the lowest possible is 5-3-2.

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