Dinosaur Characters From the Movies

6 Dinosaur Characters From the Movies, Games and TV That Inspire Your Imagination

Dinosaur Characters From the Movies

Dinosaurs, an extinct animal species, are a wonder to both kids and adults. Although they are no longer in existence, their fictional versions can be found in comic strips, TV shows, video games, movies, and kids’ books. Their foreboding qualities make them more exciting, including gigantic form, sharp teeth, muscular limbs, and scaly bodies.

While these characteristics are scary, children find reassurance knowing they are nowhere on the earth’s surface. Today, most families enjoy dinosaur-themed activities at different events and shows. However, with some of the most affordable dinosaur costumes, you can relieve the same experience at home with your kids. Below is a fun list of thunder lizards that takes you back to the first world of dinosaurs.

    1. Barney

Barney is a purple dinosaur who is friends with Baby Bop, a triceratops with a shade of bright green. The fictional character is friendly to toddlers, and his outward nature sets him apart from the usual animals.


Besides the unique hue, he sings, dances, and always wears a heartwarming smile. While most theropods can’t produce a melody, Barney is quite the exception. The character can be found in most kid shows and cartoon programs. Thanks to this fictional character, learning has become more fun and lively for children. Lessons such as love and the joy of imagination can be obtained from this non-ferocious bundle of joy.

    2. Dino

At the mention of Dino, the first thing that might pop up in your mind is the Flintstones. Similar to Barney, he is a cute, purple dinosaur. His ever-presence in the show cultivated love in the hearts of most fans.


Dino was well acquainted and a loyal pet to Fred. During the show’s early episodes, he sounded just like Phil Silvers, a known comedian. However, as the film progresses, he becomes a yapping dinosaur that most people embrace. The show’s producers let out an interesting fact of Dino belonging to the genus Snorkosaurus.

    3. Jurassic Park’s T-Rex

The most vivid moment in Jurassic Park has to be the roar from the massive T-Rex, second after the banner dropped around the beast. Although it is a result of the special cinema effects, the scene was close to accurate and stuck in the minds of most viewers. It is arguably the most thrilling film enjoyed both by kids, teens, and adults.

Jurassic Park’s T-Rex

He made several appearances, including in a car with children trapped in the rearview mirror while getting hold of Jeff. The presence of T-Rex in Jurassic Park speaks of the significant effect of dinosaur characters on film.

     4. Big bird

The bird in Sesame Street’s Big Bird can easily be mistaken as the usual but more giant bird. However, the character is a dinosaur. The bird is a dinosaur that was discovered in the later episodes when Chris Robinson deciphers that some birds originated from feathered dinosaurs.

Big bird

His visual limitation and enormous size supported Darwin’s grip on children’s educational TV. Besides the entertainment it offers, watching films can be informative to children. It also helps expand their imagination and curiosity.

    5. Rex

With a more true shade of green, you’d expect Rex to be an arrogant, intimidating dinosaur. However, the character is shy contrary to most people’s expectations. The Toy Story shows Rex making many attempts to perfect or polish his roar.


He is constantly worried about his owner replacing him with another more ferocious dinosaur. Thinking that he cannot take rejection, he starts pulling the heartstrings. Toy Story gives you a perfect chance to understand Rex’s fascinating nature and personality.

    6. Yoshi

Most people are conversant with Yoshi from the video game Super Mario World. The character has made appearances in TV shows and more games since then. His action of spitting eggs at his opponents makes the game even more fun. It is arguably among the most common dinosaur-centered games that have been created. It can be fun to play the game and unwind after a long day at work.

Dinosaur Characters From the Movies

Dinosaur-themed ideas, including hatching dinosaur eggs, creating a mini dino world, and painting, can be executed from the comfort of your home. Besides having a spark in children’s imagination, dinosaur characters help children develop and learn in various ways. It is an effective way to exercise their primal instincts and promote functional fun.

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