Ek Rishta was just what i needed at this stage of my career

“Ek Rishta was just what i needed at this stage of my career” – Akshay Kumar

Q: Your career seems to be heading in a different direction after Hera Pheri and Dhadkan. Have you purposely been accepting different roles?

A: “Not really, I accepted them only based on their good scripts. I was trying to do something other than action movies, and those roles happened to come at the perfect time.”

Q: Does that mean you would be more willing to do non-action films now?

A: “Well, Action is what I am known for, but hopefully I will be able to be more versatile and prove my worth with other roles as well. I got my recognition doing action roles, so they will always be there.”

Q: It seems like a new millennium has been quite good for you so far?

A: “It’s just the start, but yeh I don’t have any complaints so far. I got some good roles coming my way with Jaanwar, Dhadkan, Hera Pheri, and Ek Rishtaa. Hopefully, these experiences will make me a more complete actor. People are accepting me in my new roles, and that is good news for me.”

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Q: What was it like working with Amitabh Bachchan in Ek Rishta? Tell us a bit about the movie also.

A: “It was a learning experience throughout. He is the best of the best, and I took the opportunity to just watch the man and learn from him. So all in all, Ek Rishta was just what I needed at this stage of my career. I am playing Amitabh’s son, and basically, the movie is about love, Rishta, bond, and relationships. It’s a good emotional drama dealing with family and relationship issues.”

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