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Sandeep Madhav is a hero who has made a name for himself in the Telugu states with his movies Vangaveeti and George Reddy. Now another movie started with Sandeep as the hero. The movie title is Gandharva. Gayatri R. Suresh and Akshat Srinivas play female leads. Apsar is a debut director. YN Madhu is producing under Yes and Yum Creations and Veerashankar Silver Screens. The movie scheduled to release on 8th July 2022.

Leading directors VV Vinayak, Krish, Hero Srikanth and actor Saikumar were the chief guests. After the pooja, Srikanth switched on the camera as VV Vinayak clapped for the muhurta scene shot on hero Sandeep Madhav and heroine Akshat Srinivas. The scene honorably directed by Krish.

Gandharva Movie Trailer

Hero Sandeep Madhav, Heroine Akshat Srinivas, Director Apsar, Leading Actors Suresh, Babumohan, Adarsh, Cameraman Jawahar Reddy, Music Director Rap Rock Shakeel, Producers Veerashankar and Yum Y. Madhu were present at the press conference.

Speaking on the occasion, producer Veerashankar said, Apsar is a director with good sensibilities. He worked very hard to prepare a wonderful story called Gandharva. He is a director who is passionate about making new movies. But, I was delighted to hear the story told by Apsar. I immediately said ok. No such story has been heard in recent times. I joined this project with the confidence that it will definitely be a hit.

Apsar told a lot of stories to Veerashankar with the intention of making a film. He says you have to get better and get a little more maturity levels. I gained experience on 24 Crafts and waited for many days. I prepared a good story with a new concept and told it to Veerashankar. He immediately gave a lot of advice and suggestions that he was fantastic. I come from a military background. That being said it is not such a subject. What Sandy is doing is a military character but with all the family sentiment, comedy, emotion, commercial elements. ‘Gandharva’ means to be eternally young. There will be Hilarious Intensity. Saikumar, Suresh, Babumohan, Adarsh ​​.. along with 30 others are acting. Each character has a priority.

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