Holmes & Watson Box Office Collection, Review, Rating, Hit Or Flop

Holmes & Watson Box Office Collection, Review, Rating, Hit Or Flop

It’s Christmas time and everyone will be on vacation spending some good time with their family. During this holiday we tend to spend some time watching movies with the family. Talking about movies, Holmes & Watson is one fun watching movie that you should watch. This is a comedy-mystery movie featuring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly in the lead role. In this post, we are going to see Holmes & Watson Box Office Collection and Review.

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Holmes & Watson is based in Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Jogn Watson who are called at Buckingham investigate a murder. After they visit Buckingham, they get to know that they have only 4 days to solve the case as the Queen is the next victim.

Holmes & Watson Review

The trailer of Holmes & Watson gives a clear picture of an amazing comedy coming this Christmas. John is shown a Pervert who flits with the Queen (Pam Ferris) on the first day of his investigation.

Holmes & Watson has some amazing scenes that will make you laugh. Being a mystery movie, the Directory has kepe the mystery till the end of the movie. Later we get to know the one behind the Murder is someone close to the Queen.

In supporting role we find Kelly Macdonald and Lauren Lapkus as a Doctor who helps Holmes and Watson to solve the case. The best part of the movie starts when Queen starts to live her last 2 days to the fullest. There is a lot of comedy scenes between the detective and the Queen.

Movie Highlights

  • Holmes & Watson has some amazing comedy scenes
  • The screenplay is amazing

Movie Drawback

  • Some scenes in the movies are overdone, which makes the movie boring at some point

Holmes & Watson Box office Collection

Will and John are known actors and being a Christmas time, we expect that the movie will make decent gross in Box Office. Looking at their past movies and their recent fan following, Holmes & Watson’s Box Office Collection is not expected to cross $2 Million.

As the movie is base on two known detectives, it is expected to see a decent footfall on the first day. The performance of the movie will depend on the review. Holmes & Watson is getting released in selected theaters in the USA.

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DayBox Office Collection In USA
1st DayTBA
2nd DayTBA
3rd DayTBA
4th DayTBA
5th DayTBA
6th DayTBA
7th DayTBA
8th DayTBA
9th DayTBA

Holmes & Watson Box office Prediction

The trailer has got a mix reaction and hence the movie. As rest of the movies, there is just two possibility and that is either the movie will get a good review or bad review. Hence, the collection for the movie will differ.

If the Aquaman Gets Good Review

If the movie gets a good review, the movie is expected to make around $1 M to $2 M. On the First Week of Box Office, Holmes & Watson is expected to gross amount of $800K.

 1st Day prediction300K
 2nd Day prediction250k
 3rd Day prediction180k
 1st Weekend prediction800k
 Worldwide prediction1M
 Total Box Office prediction1M

If the Aquaman Gets Negative Review

If Holmes & Watson get negative reviews, then the changes for them to success is really low. We are quite sure that Holmes & Watson will not gross more than 600K if they get bad reviews.

 1st Day prediction150k
 2nd Day prediction100k
 3rd Day prediction80k
 1st Weekend prediction250k
 Worldwide prediction400k
 Total Box Office prediction600k

Holmes & Watson Trailer

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