Jiah joins Aamir

Jiah joins Aamir does dangerous stunts in Ghajini

Female power is in. Deepika Padukone is busy matching Akshay Kumar’s kicks and somersaults in Bangkok for Nikhil Advani’s Chandni Chowk To China. Nearer home in Hyderabad, Jiah joins Aamir Khan matched stunt strides with Aamir Khan.

Though thankfully, she hasn’t had any mishaps yet. Jiah’s lithe stunts in Murugadoss’ Ghajini are every bit as heart-in-the-mouth as Aamir Khan’s. The only reason Jiah’s action scenes aren’t being talked about is that she isn’t talking about it. “I can’t! I’m not allowed to,” she quakes with contractual terror. “But yes, I’ve done a lot of action scenes in Ghajini. They’ve been extremely unnerving.”

The action sequences require Jiah to match Aamir kick for kick. “And they are one reason I had to lose so weight,” she admits, having returned from Hyderabad where the Ghajini shooting was wrapped up earlier this week. “The schedules don’t suffer because of Aamir’s accident at all. We resume in the middle of May as per schedule.”

On Tuesday Jiah started shooting in Mumbai for Ken Ghosh’s film with Shahid Kapoor.
“That’s the film I’m not supposed to do,” she jokes. “It’s so cheap to send compromising messages in someone else’s name,” Jiah suggests that the sms messages that embarrassed Shahid Kapoor and almost had her out of the project were sent off by someone else in her name.

“I’ve never sent sms to people in the industry beyond work. I’m so new to all this manipulation scheming and negativity. I’m just so happy to be doing two films like Ghajini and Ken Ghosh’s film where I’ve completely different roles.”

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