Kaalidas Box Office Collection and Review

Kaalidas Box Office Collection, Review, Rating, Hit Or Flop

Kaalidas is one of the upcoming new Tamil movies which is going to release on 28th December 2018. Bharat Niwas is starring as the lead role in the action thriller. The movie is about the death of women who commit suicide and all the mystery around it. Even with all the facts, a police officer thinks that it is not a suicide. In this article, we will know about Kaalidas Box Office Collection, Review, Rating, Hit Or Flop.

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Kaalidas Box Office Collection – Prediction

In Tamil industry, another movie named Kaalidas is releasing and it is starred by Kaalidas. It does not seem like an ordinary script and we can have a guess at what can happen next. The movie is full of mystery and can rock the Tamil Cinema.

The Director has put a lot of efforts in creating the intensity which is needed. We can expect good earnings at the Box Office Collections

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

There is a very high possibility for the movie to collect a good amount at the Box Office. Trailer of the movie looks interesting and we will have to find out what happens on the first day of release to get the review.

1st-day box office prediction 10 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction 8 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction 5 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction 30 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction 10
Total box office 40 – 50 Cr

If the word of mouth is not good

If the movie faces any sudden difficult scenario due to any reasons, then the chance of collecting big at the box office will remain a dream. All depends on the pre-planning and the promotions.

1st-day box office Collection prediction 4 Cr
2nd-day box office Collection  prediction 3 Cr
3rd-day box office Collection prediction 1 Cr
Opening weekend box office Collection prediction 5 Cr
Worldwide box office Collection  prediction 7 Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction 20 Cr

Kaalidas Box Office Collections

We have shared our predictions for the movie and we are looking forward to collecting the Box Office Collections. The movie is seeming to earn around 20 to 30 Cr overall.

1st-day box office Collection TBA
2nd-day box office Collection TBA
3rd-day box office Collection TBA
4th Day Box office Collection TBA
5th Day Box Office Collection TBA
6th Day Box Office Collection TBA
1st Week Box Office Collection  TBA
Total Box Office Collection  TBA

Kaalidas Movie Review

Note* Review for Simmba movie will be out after the movie is released. 

Kaalidas Movie Highlights

  • The suspense in the movie.
  • Bharat Niwas’s acting.
  • Senthil Nathan’s Direction.
  • Good collection of songs.

Kaalidas Cast and Crew 

Director Senthil Nathan
Actors & Actresses Bharath Niwas, Aadhav Kannadasan,
Suresh Chandra Menon, Ann Sheetal
Cinematography Suresh Bala
Production house
  • Leaping Horse Entertainment
  • Incredible Productions
  • Dina Studios
Release date 28 December 2018

Kaalidas Movie Teaser

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