Kannada Movies Releasing in March 2019

Kannada Movies Releasing in March 2019

Kannada Movies Releasing in March 2019


Girgitle is a Kannada Drama movie about Harishchandra is ruin by the fact that there are people who get cheated by con people daily in their regular lives. However, he tries to bring a change to the corrupted mindsets of people.  The film features Chandra Shekar, Srinagara Kitty, Rangayana Raghu, and Kote Prabhakar in the lead roles. Click here for the details of  Girgitle Full Movie Download.

DK Bose

DK Bose is a Kannada film directed by Sandeep Mahantesh. The film displays two friends, who were orphaned at a young age and since then they are living as a fraud man. Then, both of them travels to the city to pull off a major scam. Afterward, both get in trouble with gangsters, while leading actor Pruthvi in love with the lead actress Risha Nijagun. The film features Pruthvi Ambar and Risha Nijagun in the lead roles. Click here for the details of DK Bose Full Movie Download

Nannu nammudgi kharchgond Mafia

Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia is a Kannada movie that shows the incidents that happen in India and all over the world. This movie displays the story of a Mafia who abducts girls and kills them. The movie shows how the android phone has become a major source of crime. This movie shows how to get rid off of these types of incidents. Click here for the details of  Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia Full Movie Download.

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face is a Kannada thriller romantic movie directed by Sandeep Janardan. The story of the movie is about 3 characters Sneha, Santosh, and Preethi.  All of them met with an accident which changes their life and all of the lands into a big problem. It’s a journey of Santosh battling with society to get his love back. Click here for the details of Face 2 Face Full Movie Download.


The butterfly is a Kannada comedy-drama film directed by Ramesh Aravind and produced by Manu Kumara. The film is a remake of the 2014 Hindi film Queen by Vikas Bahl. The story is about a household girl whose finance no longer best wishes to marry her. Then, she decides to go for a honeymoon alone and discover herself. The film features Parul Yadav in the lead role. Click here for the details of  Butterfly Full Movie Download.

Badri vs Madhumati

Badri vs Madhumati is a Kannada drama film directed by Shankar Narayan Reddy. The film showcases an army officer Badri who falls in love with an honest girl Madhumati. But wants to confess his love for her. Later, he receives a call from the Indian Army for a surgical strike. Will he able to confess his love for her? The film features Prathapawan and Akanksha in the lead roles. Click here for the details of  Badri vs Madhumati Full Movie Download


Udgharsha is an upcoming Kannada / Telugu bilingual film, written and directed by Sunil Kumar Desai. The film is also being dubbed into the Tamil language as Uchakattam. The film is produced by Devaraj under the banner D Creations and is touted to be a suspense thriller. The film features a multi-lingual ensemble cast of Thakur Anoop Singh, Sai Dhansika, Harshika Poonacha, Kishore, Tanya Hope, Kabir Duhan Singh, Prabhakar, Shraddha Das in the lead roles. Click here for the details of  Udgharsha Full Movie Download

Adachanegaagi kshamisi

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi is a Kannada movie that is based on a true incident directed by Bharath Navunda. The film revolves around a boy who has been brought up in an uncultured family and is hardly aware of social etiquette. What follows is his struggle to adjust to society, which he does not even know how to live in. Will he succumb to societal pressure.  Click here for the details of  Adachanegaagi kshamisi Full Movie Download


Chanaksha is a 2019 Kannada Movie action film which has directed by Mahesh Chinmai. In a village named Nimbekayipura, lives an honest executive magistrate called Shiva Rudraiah, who is known to solve the problems of the villagers. However, his goodwill does not go down well with one of the village residents, Devraj. He kills Shiva to acquire the land he had donated to the villagers and spreads a rumor that Shiva has run away with his 50 crore rupees. Click here for the details of  Chanaksha Full Movie Download

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Jagamalla movie has received a lot of positive responses from the audience. Whereas it is a 2019 Kannada dubbed version of Tamil film ‘Viswasam‘. Jagamalla revolves around a heartthrob Ajith Kumar who lives with his family and is their pride. He is a cool person and lives life on his own terms. One fine day, he meets a lady doctor Nayanthara who visits his area to participate in a medical camp. Ajith’s life changes post this meeting. Click here for the details of Jagamalla Full Movie Download

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