KGF vs Sarkar

KGF vs Sarkar Box Office Collections

23 Cr Two big movies from the South Vijay’s Sarkar and Yah’s KGF has been a great hit. Both the movies is a great success in the Box Office Collection. People have been comparing the movie as both KGF and Sarkar has a unique storyline. In this post, we are going to see KGF vs Sarkar.

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KGF Versus Sarkar Facts

In both the movies, we have two big superstars one of Yash from Karnataka, whereas Vijay is loved in Tamil Nadu. KGF has the advantage of releasing in 5 different languages, whereas Sarkar just got released in Tamil and Telugu.

Item KGF Sarkar
Hero Yash Vijay
Director Prashanth Neel A. R. Murugadoss
Original Industry Kannada Kollywood
Budget 80 Cr
Release Date 21-December-2018 6-November-2018
Total Screens 2600 3400
Release Languages Kannada, HindiTamil,
Telugu, Malayalam
Tamil, Telugu
IMDB Rating 9.1/10 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 8.8/10 8.4/10

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KGF vs Sarkar Box Office Collection

KGF Box Office collection reports are quite positive and we are expecting that it will cross  Sarkar movie Box Office collection. On its first day, KGF is already leading with 6 Cr and it is expected to move higher in the total collection.

KGF story and action has gone so viral that people have started comparing KGF vs Baahubali 2. Below is the day KGF vs Sarkar Box Office Collection.

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Day KGF Sarkar Difference
1st Day 30 cr 58 Cr 28 cr
2nd Day 27 Cr 42 Cr 15 Cr
3rd Day 29.3 Cr 32 Cr 2.7 Cr
4th Day 25.4 Cr 19 Cr 6.4 Cr
5th Day 22.5 Cr 16 Cr 6.5 Cr
6th Day 18 Cr 19 Cr 1 Cr
7th Day 10 Cr 15 Cr 5 Cr
8th Day 5 Cr 13 Cr 8 Cr
9th Day 4 Cr 12 Cr 8 Cr
10th Day 7 Cr 5.60 Cr 1.40 Cr

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KGF Tamil vs Sarkar Tamil Box Office Collection

Day KGF Tamil Sarkar Tamil Difference
1st Day 2 Cr 24 Cr 6 cr
2nd Day 1.8 Cr 18 Cr 16.2 Cr
3rd Day 1.60 Cr 15 Cr 13.4 Cr
4th Day 0.90 Cr 8 Cr 7.1 Cr
5th Day 0.80 Cr 6.50 Cr 5.7 Cr
6th Day 0.65 Cr 7.50 Cr 6.85 Cr
7th Day 0.30 Cr 5.20 Cr 4.9 Cr
8th Day 0.15 Cr 4.90 Cr 4.75 Cr
9th Day 0.13 Cr 4.05 Cr 3.2 Cr
10th Day 0.12 3.50 Cr 3.38 Cr

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