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Punjabi Movies Download Part 1

High End Yaariyaan

The end of February months is full of laughter as High-End Yaariyan is released and lured many footfalls. The film directed by Pankaj Batra and stars Ranjit Bawa, Jassie Gill, and Ninja in the lead roles. The plot is about three male friends each coming off a failed relationship cross paths in London. Later, they vow to live for each other and not fall in love again. Eventually, they all fall for the same woman and the real drama begins full of laughter. Click here for Punjabi Movies  High End Yaariyan Full Movie Download

Kala Shah kala 

Kala Sha Kala Movie is an entertaining comedy Punjabi movie directed by Amarjit Singh. Kala Shah Kala movie highlights the story of a man with a dark complexion. Finally when he finds the love of her life finds out about a love triangle. Now, he is on a journey to prove that love is beyond color complexion. Click here for Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Download.

Kaake Da Viyah 

Kake Da Viyah is a comedy Punjabi movie directed by Rai Yuvraj Bains and in the lead, we have Jordan Sandhu and Prabjot Grewal. This movie is about a man stuck to fulfill the wish of 3 important movies in his life. During this journey, he has to go through different circumstances. Every character in this movie has done a fabulous job. here you can see the List Of Punjabi Movies.

Click here for Kaake Da Viyah Full Movie Download.

Kaka Ji 

Kaka Ji 2 is a romantic action drama movie that highlights the era from the 90s. During the 90, a Kachia Wale created chaos in Punjab. This movie is about Kaka Jo and Deepi, from two different villages, who fall in love with each other. One day Kaka Jo gets involved in a fight with the gang to save the love of her life. This is a worth watching movie. Click here for Kaka Ji Full Movie Download.

Do Dooni Panj 

Do Dooni Panj is a Punjabi comedy movie,  which is directed by Haari Bhatti, whereas in the lead role we have Armit Maan. Armit Maan is playing the character of a Ph.D. holder, who is struggling for his job. This later adds a lot of pressure to his life and family. Hence, he decides to fight with the government who guarantees Job after education. Armit as the lead takes the big screen and has done fabulous work in this movie.  Click here for Do Dooni Panj Full Movie Download.

Dulla Vaily 

One of the action drama Punjabi movies, Dulla Vaily is about a corrupt landowner and a man who takes a stand to fight against him. Whereas in the lead roles we have Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh. Dulla and others from the village are tired of the landowner. Hence Dulla decides to fight against the corrupt landowner. Apart from this, the movie shares a social message of how can you get fooled if you are uneducated. talks about the bigger issue of foreign education and how it affects every individual. Click here for  Dulla Vaily Full Movie Download.


Ishqyaa 2 was released in January 2019 and is a Punjabi Romantic thriller. In the lead role, we have Nav Bajwa and Payal. Nav is playing a character with multiple disorder issues. His condition gets worse when he gets to know that Payal already has a boyfriend. Now, Nav is on a journey to separate them, hence keep troubling Payal.  Now, Payal’s boyfriend who is a Police officer is on a hunt to search for the man behind all this.  Click here for  Ishqaa Full Movie Download.

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