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Rowdy Boys Full Movie Download Leaked By Movierulz


Rowdy Boys is a youthful action entertainer film directed by Harsha Konuganti. Starring Ashish and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles, the film stars Sahidev Vikram, Karthik Ratnam, Tej Kurapati, and Komali Prasad in the lead roles. The film is composed by Devi Sri Prasad and the cinematography is by Madhi and the editor is Madhu. The film has to be produced by Shirish and Dil Raju through the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations.

Movie Trailer:

Go back to the 2:25 minute long trailer which introduces Ashish as your regular college teacher who falls in love with a medical student (Anupama Parameswaran). After that, two boys were seen fighting over a woman and it soon turned into a fight. The film looks like a typical college drama between two student gangs, but let’s see. Sahidev Vikram is also playing a key role.

Movie Story:

Akshay performs as Ashish is a carefree man with no responsibilities, leads a happy life without clarity on what to do in life, Akshay joins an engineering college. Kavya as Anupama Parameswaran is a medical student. Akshay falls in love with Kavya at first sight. However, for the BTech students who joined Akshay, there was always a gang war going on between the medical students. On the other hand, Kavya’s classmate Vikram (Vikram Sahadev) is also in love with her. What were the challenges Akshay faced in getting his love? That is the rest of the story.

Rowdy Boys Full Movie Download Leaked By Movierulz:

Rowdy Boys movie was released on 14 Jan 2022 in theatres. The film got a good response from the audience. Rowdy Boys full movie available in Movierulz with different HD quality. But those sites may contain Pop-Up- ads and third-party links which may affect your devices. So don’t use that sites you may only prefer to watch the movies in theatres and OTT platforms.

Movie Review:

Dil Raju put a lot of responsibility on Sriharsha who made a youthful film like Hushar. It has all the makings of a debut hero movie. Scope to act in dance, action, comedy, hero, heroines .. Sriharsha has chosen a story that has all these flavors. However, it has not been fully translated to the screen. Some episodes worked out well. However, the behavior of the college students in this film is very strange. In this movie, the father of the hero says in a scene, “You are so weird, Ventra”. Some of the scenes that take place in the college backdrop make the audience feel the same way. Another minus is that the story of the film is predictable.

Sriharsha, who led the first half in a college setting, went for a complete live-in relationship in the second half. Do you think the family audience would get away if they knew there was such a point .. so even in the trailer it was not touched at all. The comedy was written by Sriharsha sometimes exploded well. The orchestra episode however is called Hilarius. The pre-climax episode in the second half is emotional. Guessing what will happen at the climax is not a big difficulty.

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