Shutka Book of Records

Shutka Book of Records – Knjiga rekorda Sutke

Shutka Book of Records: The inhabitants of Shutka, the Romany capital of the world, all share one common passion: being a champion. Shutka thrives on achieving records in Film songfests, goose fights, dog fights, and vampire hunts, in wearing Sunday best, collecting Turkish movie in English music or exterminating evil Genies. Through a number of intertwining stories, this playful, humorous film takes us into a world that is generally closed to outsiders. As the mosaic of Shutka unfolds, we are led to ask ourselves: Where lays the secret of joy? Aren’t the smallest things in life often those that make life such an unforgettable experience? Don’t look for Shutka on a geographical map. Shutka is a state of mind.

Shutka Book of Records Movie Details

  • Production year: 2005
  • Running time: 78 mins
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Picture: Colour
  • Country: Netherland

Lead Role: Nebojsa Bakocevic

Movie Trailer

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