Sindhubaadh Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop

Sindhubaadh Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop – Will Sindhubaadh be one of the best movie of Vijay Sethupati?

‘Makkal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi’s Sindhubaadh will be released soon. With a recent and strong fan following Vijay Sethupathi has become one of the leading stars of the Tamil Industry. His 96 Movie was exceptional and now Sindhubaadh. Teaser itself had a great response towards the audience. Therefore, we are here to check Sindhubaadh Box Office Collection and will also see if Sindhubaadh is Hit or Flop movie.

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The story is about a village guy who travels to Bangkok in search of his girl. With the small clue, he travels to Bangkok to save her. Fights with the Gangster who has kidnapped the girl from the village. Overall the movie is about the journey of the village guy to reach his goal.

Sindhubaadh Trailer

Sindhubaadh Box Office Collection

Sindhubaadh Box Office CollectionCollection (Cr)
1st Day CollectionTBA
2nd Day CollectionTBA
3rd Day CollectionTBA
4th Day CollectionTBA
5th Day CollectionTBA
6th Day CollectionTBA
7th Day CollectionTBA
8th Day CollectionTBA
9th Day CollectionTBA
10th Day CollectionTBA
Sindhubaadh Total CollectionTBA

Sindhubaadh Box Office Collection Prediction

Every time, Vijay Sethupathi’s movie is released a new trend starts to emerge. All of his dialogues are so catchy even the small kids remember his dialogues. No matter what movie release, there will a huge difference in Sindhubaadh Box Office Collection depending on public feedback. If the review is great, we are expecting that Sindhubaadh Movie could make around 80 Cr and if the review is negative it might not cross more than 30 Cr in the Box Office.

DurationPositive TalkNegative Talk
1st Day06 Cr05 Cr
2nd Day07 Cr04 Cr
3rd Day08 Cr03 Cr
Opening weekend21 Cr12 Cr
Total Collections80 Cr20 Cr

Sindhubaadh Hit or Flop

Sindhubaadh will release soon in May 2019, and it is too early to decide if the movie Sindhubaadh is Hit or Flop. Movie Budget is 40 Cr (est) Sindhubaadh has to cross 80 Cr to make a hit in Box Office.

Sindhubaadh  Movie Songs

Nenja Unakaga Song

Unaalathaan Song

Sindhubaadh Movie Story

Sindhubaadh movie story about Thiru (Vijay Sethupathi) and his young friend Super (played by Sethupathi’s real son Suriya) are petty thieves in Tenkasi. Who, life takes a turn when he meets Venba. They fall in love and get married at an airport. Venba promises to return to her hometown after informing her employer. She doesn’t. The rest of Sindhubaadh focuses on what follows.

Thirru is partially hearing impaired who falls for the loudmouth Venba (Anjali) a tea plantation worker in Malaysia visiting her family on vacation. After a tedious and tiring stalking from his side Venba gives in and leaves to Malaysia promising to return in a few days. Venba calls Thirru and tells him she is in grave danger and only if he comes there with five lakhs she can be saved.


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