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Mithai a Telugu dark comedy film written, directed, and produced by Prashant Kumar. The film scheduled its release on 22nd February 2019 and will feature Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi Pullikoda in the lead roles. Here is the Mithai Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop.

Mithai Box Office Collection

Mithai Box Office Collection Collection (Cr)
Mithai 1st Day Box Office Collection 0.60
Mithai 2nd Day Collection 0.50
Mithai 3rd Day Collection 0.30
Mithai 4th Day Collection 0.20
Mithai 5th Day Collection 0.20
6th Day Collection 0.15
7th Day Collection 0.12
8th Day Collection 0.30
9th Day Collection 0.35
10th Day Collection 0.23
Total Collection 2.60

Mithai Box Office Collection Prediction

The movie contains dark comedy and adult dialogues and scenes. However, the story f the movie looks good and can be promising. This movie is not a family movie it is a pure dark comedy. The film has many comedy scenes which will make you laugh and it’s pure entertainment. Mithai film Made with a budget of 2.5 Crores and we will expect low Box Office collections at Box Office.

Mithai makes an absolute mark in the dark comedy and the youngsters in the movie have executed well. The film will lure average footfalls due to the dark comedy and adult scenes. Moreover, it is a drama-comedy pure entertainment pack. Mithai will emerge as a moderate hit on the big screens and will rake average collections. Here is the Mithai Box Office Collection Prediction.

Duration Positive Talk Negative Talk
1st day 0.30 Cr 0.20 Cr
2nd day 0.40 Cr 0.15 Cr
3rd day 0.50 Cr 0.10 Cr
Opening weekend 1.20 Cr 0.50 Cr
Total 5 Cr 1.80 – 3 Cr

Mithai Hit or Flop

Mithai has a good and entertaining storyline. The film is totally based on adult comedy with dark humor and contains comedy scenes. The movie doesn’t look promising but still hope for the best. The movie will achieve a moderate hit on the big screens.

Moreover, the film didn’t create a buzz among the audience and it has just received a million views on its trailer. Looking at the overall movie success, it totally relies on the public. Our opinion about the movie will be a moderate hit and will garner average collection on the box office collection.

Mitahi Trailer

Mithai Story

Sai, a daydreamer fired from his job and finds himself in a situation wherein he must find the thief in three days to get married. He began upon the adventurous, hilarious roller-coaster ride with his friend Jani and one of the suspects they meet, the dude along with his goat Sundari on Sai’s hereditary car Sheru. Will Sai find the thief and get married?

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