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Riya Sen is a PYT (pretty young thing) – all of 19 years of age, but raring to go as an actress. This should not come as a surprise as her beautiful grandmother, Suchitra Sen, still occupies a special place in the Bengali community. She was a stunning beauty with panache and a captivating smile. Later, her daughter Moon Moon Sen plunged into the Glam world and left cinegoers enamoured. She was sexy, sensuous and oh-so-‘sensational.

The third generation of this celebrated family is into the movies now. Suchitra Sen’s granddaughters and Moon Moon Sen’s daughters, Riya and Raima, are nubile young nymphets who resemble their celebrated mother and grandmother and seem to have a no-holds-barred attitude to life. Of the two, Riya, though bright and vivacious, remains an astonishing ingenue. Although she is not particularly interested in her studies, Riya wishes to complete her graduation at the Rani Birla College at Calcutta. However, she will not put her film and modelling career on the backburner. Since the age of 15, she has been offered several roles in Bengali and Hindi films. Her first film offer from Bollywood was Kailash Surendranath’s, Love You Hamesha. She accepted and the rest followed. Riya is doing some Bengali films too. She has done several advertisements like the Nirma soap commercial. She was featured in some music albums like Falguni Pathak’s Maine Payal Hai Chhankayee. There are life hacks for almost every situation, and today we want to show you some of those that will make your everyday life a little bit easier.

Things are quite hot at the moment on the career front. Probably this is why she has not yet found her ideal man! But make no mistake here. Keanu Reeves, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan figure in her list of ideal men. Standing just a little over five feet, this Bengal tigress is on the prowl. Beware, guys!

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Interview With Riya Sen 

Q: Tell us something about your family and childhood.

A: I had a pretty good childhood. I was born and brought up in Calcutta. Growing up was fun.

Q: You signed ‘Love You Hamesha’ a long time ago. Why is it taking so long?

A: Yeah, I signed this film soon after my tenth standard. But because of some financial problems, it is taking a long time to be finished.

Q: What is your role in the film?

A: Many people say that I am making a grand debut with this film. But it is not my debut film as such. I am just making a guest appearance in ‘Love You Hamesha’. My image will not be affected in any way even if the film flops. I have not done anything much here.

Q: What happened to the film Taj Mahal which you were doing?

A: This film was made in Tamil a few years ago and was released in a major way in the south. It did quite well over there. I am quite happy about it.

Q: What is your priority – Hindi or South Indian films? How does the South Indian film industry differ from Bollywood?

A: Obviously, I want to do Hindi films, but South Indian films are good too. The time taken to complete a film is far less and you get a lot of space for yourself. Hindi films drag on for far too long and this is the reason I flunked one year of school while I was shooting for ‘Love You Hamesha’.

Q: Since your grandmother, Suchitra Sen, is the most respected actress in Bengal, do you intend to do any Bengali films?

A: I have already done one Bengali film, Mone Pore Tumake.

Q: Your sister, Riama, is in films too. Is there any competition between the two of you?

A: There is no such thing. She is busy doing her own bit and I concentrate on my stuff. She does more arty films like Godmother. There is no sibling rivalry or whatever you want to call it.

Q: How close are you to your grandmother? Does she inspire you?

A: I am close to her in much the same way as other normal granddaughters are to their grandmothers. We visit and talk to her about this and that. But we do not go on pestering her about acting tips or anything like that.

Q: How much help have you received from your mother Moon Moon Sen in shaping your career?

A: She has been helpful, but I have never been accompanied by anyone during my shoots. I would be there all alone wondering what to do.

Q: So you were thrown to the wolves at a pretty young age? How did you manage to come out unscathed?

A: Yeah, you can say that. I just managed to come out unscathed, but don’t ask me how. Mom would be busy working and so was dad. Raima too was busy with her studies and acting.

Q: Do you regret being in the industry at such a tender age?

A: Yes, I do. I feel I should have started now and not three years ago.

Q: What was it like working with Akshaye Khanna?

A: It was fun working with him. He is a very nice person.

Q: What about the rumors that you have ditched him?

A: These are just rumors. He is only a good friend of mine. Sometimes we speak to each other once in a month and sometimes once in two months. These are things which have been spread unnecessarily.

Q: Will this affect your career?

A: Till now it has not and it should not.

Q: Why have you kept your grandmother’s surname?

A: The media did this. Till school and also in college, we would write our surnames as Dev Verma. But here the magazines just started writing ‘Sen’ and we found that a little funny initially. But slowly we have accepted that.

Q: Which are your forthcoming films?

A: ‘Deewana Tere Naam Ka’ and ‘Love You Hamesha’.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: Nothing much. I have enrolled myself for a fashion designing course in NIFT. This will be starting from July


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The Sen girls in Bollywood are really something. How else would you explain their presence in practically in every aspect of glamour in Bollywood? The latest one on the ‘Sensational circuit is actress Riya Sen, who has been recently appointed as the Brand Ambassador for Indian Premier League’s (IPL) official website www.iplt20.com.

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Riya says, “I was present as a guest in the IPL’s inaugural match. And I know all of the organizers of IPL very well, including Lalit Modi. It was our mutual love for cricket that got us together. As a Brand Ambassador of the website, I am supposed to attend at least 5 matches, but I am planning to attend much more than 12 matches, subject to I am not working (shooting) at that time.” When asked about her role as a Brand Ambassador of the website, she explains, “My role requires me to be present at the IPL matches, interact with the cricketer’s Team, and post my reactions and views on the site.

Lastly, when we quizzed her about which team she supported, without battling an eyelid, she says, “Since I am from Kolkatta, it is but natural that I will be rooting for the Kolkatta Knight Riders!”

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