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Subrahmanyapuram is a Telugu supernatural thriller movie featuring Sumanth and Eesha Rebba. This movie is directed by Santhosh Jagarlapudi and produced by Beeram Sudhakara Reddy. This movie is about a village Subrahmanyapuram, where people witness supernatural activities & how a research team comes for the investigation. In this post, we are going to check Subrahmanyapuram Box Office Collection & Review. 

Subrahmanyapuram Box Office Collections:

Looking at the storyline and overall hype about the movie, it is expected to be doing good in the Box Office collection. But, the only challenge here for the movie is 2.0. There is a huge possibility that 2.0 will affect Subrahmanyapuram Box Office Collection. But if the reviews are good, we might see a good Box Office performance.

As per the reports and other Sumanth movies, it is expected the movie to gross more than 5 Cr in the overall box office collection.

1St Day 0.47 Cr 12.56 Lakhs
2ndt Day 0. 85 Cr 9.59 Lakhs
3rd Day 0. 70 Cr 12.3 Lakhs
4th Day 0. 50 Cr 10 Lakhs
5th Day 0. 30 Cr 4.4 Lakhs
6th Day 0. 23 Cr 2.2 Lakhs
7th Day 0. 18 Cr 1.6 Lakhs
8th Day 0. 15 Cr 1 Lakhs
9th Day 8 Lakhs 80 Thousand
10th Day 4.2 Lakhs 32 Thousand
11th Day 3.5 Lakhs 28 Thousand
12th Day 2.3 Lakhs
13th Day 1 Lakhs
14th Day 1 Lakhs
Total 3.42 Cr 0.55 Cr

Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review:

Those who are into supernatural thriller movies will definitely love watching this movie. The movie portrays how people fall for humanly created supernatural activity. During an interview with Sumanth said about his character: “Karthik is an atheist while I am agnostic. I won’t call myself religious, but I like to visit ancient temples, churches, or mosques to know more about their history and culture. I find those aspects fascinating”

Along with Sumant, Eesha Rebba also plays an important role in this movie. She helps Sumant with the research along with his team. The movie has some amazing thrilling moments that make the movie more interesting.

The movie does not have a lot of music, hence there is nothing to complain about. Being a supernatural and thrilling movie we see a lot of actions.

Subrahmanyapuram Movie Story:

This movie is about a village called Subrahmanyapuram where people start witnessing some supernatural activity in the temple. People start believing that all this activity is taking place for a divine reason. To get a solution, people from the village call Karthik (Sumanth) a researcher to investigate the events.

Karthik (Sumanth), an atheist, gets on to the job of research in an ancient Subramanya Swamy temple. The plot picks up from the point of the temple where a couple of people lose their lives due to a bad omen. This gets extended when a series of suicides occur in the vicinity of the temple and the villagers are left stranded and clueless about the proceedings.

Later as the research gets deeper, Karthik gets threatened & he feels a lot of supernatural activity happening around him. In the Subrahmanyapuram movie, we will see how a researcher investigates the temple to find the cause behind the mysterious activity.

Subramaniapuram Highlights 

  • Amazing storyline
  • Backing tracks that create a good thrilling moment
  • Good action scenes
  • Amazing Climax Scenes

Subrahmanyapuram Box Office Collection –Predicted/Expectation

As said, the movie is going to do an average Box office collection. Being Sumanth’s movie, it is not expected to cross more than 5 Cr in the overall Box Office Collection.

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

Subrahmanyapuram is expected to do around 5 Cr if we have positive reviews for the movie. This could be the highest collection for Sumanth.

1st-day box office prediction 2 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction 1.5 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction 0.70 Lakh
Opening weekend box office prediction 2 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction 3 Cr
Total box office 5 Cr

If the Word of Mouth is not good

If Subrahmanyapuram does not get a good review from the audience then the movie is expected to gross around 2 Cr.

1st-day box office collection prediction 0.80 Cr
2nd-day box office collection  prediction 0.50 Cr
3rd-day box office collection prediction 0.30 Cr
Opening weekend box office collection prediction 1.2 Cr
Worldwide box office collection  prediction 2 Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction 2 Cr – 3 Cr

Subrahmanyapuram Cast and Crew 

Directed by Santhosh Jagarlapudi
Produced by Beeram Sudhakara Reddy
Written by Venkata Srinivas Boggaram,
Santhosh Jagarlapudi
Starring Sumanth,
Eesha Rebba,
Sai Kumar,
Amit Sharma,
Vajja Venkata Giridhar
Music by Shekhar Chandra
Cinematography R.K. Prathap
Edited by Karthika Srinivas
Production company Taurus Cinecorp
Release date 07-December-2018

Subrahmanyapuram Official Trailer

Here we have the official trailer for Subrahmanyapuram, where we see Sumanth on a mission to investigate the supernatural activity happening at the village temple. The trailer clearly indicates amazing thrilling and action scenes.

It is clear that Sumanth will have to go through a lot of threats during his investigation. We see him going on a journey to investigate some amazing facts about the temple’s history and culture.

Subrahmanyapuram Full Songs Jukebox

Find Subrahmanyapuram full song Jukebox. This Jukebox consists of 3 songs, Ee Rojila, Friendship & Saho Shanmuka sung by Anurag Kulkarni, Dhanunjay and S.P Balsubhramnyam respectively.

Song Singer Lyricist
Ee Rojila Anurag Kulkarni Nutana Suresh Banisetti
Friendship Dhananjay Puranachary
Saho Shanmuka S.P. Balasubhramanyam Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Raj

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