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Vada Chennai is an Action-drama Tamil Movie. This film is being received well at the Box Office by the audience. This movie released on 17 Oct 2018 to good reviews and now. The movie seems to have registered a good start at the ticket window. Not just in India, the gangster drama is performing well at the US Box Office as well. It is one of the highest Budget in Tamil Movie industry This Movie made with a budget of 40 Cr. In this article, we will cover the Vada Chennai Box Office Collection.

Vada Chennai Box Office Collection

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Vada Chennai is a Box Office hit with more than 5 Cr collection on its opening day. There was a huge opportunity for the Vada Chennai Box Office Collection.

Vada Chennai Box Office Collection – Worldwide

Dhanush’s Vada Chennai Movie performed really well in worldwide. It has grossed over 55 Cr Total Worldwide Collection.

Vada Chennai is a Box Office hit with in excess of 5 Cr assortment on its first day of the season. There was a gigantic open door for the Vada Chennai Box Office Collection. Vada Chennai Box Office Collection – Worldwide Dhanush’s Vada Chennai Movie performed truly well in around the world. It has earned more than 55 Cr Total Worldwide Collection.`

Vada Chennai Collection (Cr)
1st Day Collection 5.12
2nd Day Collection 4.80
3rd Day Collection 3.26
4th Day Collection 2.88
5th Day Collection 1.31
6th Day Collection 1.21
7th Day Collection 1.18
8th Day Collection 0.96
9th Day Collection 0.67
10th Day Collection 0.70
Total Collection 55.00

Vada Chennai Box Office Collection – Tamil Nadu

Entertaining is the main aspect of a movie and with such great entertainers, it is possible to rock the Tamil Box office. As we all know Dhanush has a huge fan base and wouldn’t miss a movie.

Vada Chennai Collection (Cr)
Vada Chennai 1st Day Collection 4.10
2nd Day Collection 3.84
3rd Day Collection 2.61
4th Day Collection 2.30
5th Day Collection 1.05
6th Day Collection 1.00
7th Day Collection 0.95
8th Day Collection 0.77
9th Day Collection 0.54
10th Day Collection 0.57
Total Collection 39.00

Vada Chennai Total Box Office Prediction

It is possible to expect the Vada Chennai Box Office Collection. There can be a number of possibilities and this is one of them. The Trailer can have a great impact on the Box Office Collections of a movie.

There is no doubt that the movie will be doing about 8 Cr on its First Day Box office collection. But there is always a Good & Bad phase & hence we have our Vada Chennai Box Office Collection Prediction.

Duration Positive Talk Negative Talk
1st day 8 Cr 5 Cr
2nd day 10 Cr 4 Cr
3rd day 12 Cr 3 Cr
Opening weekend 30 Cr 12 Cr
Total 80 Cr 40 Cr

Vada Chennai Hit or Flop

  • Vada Chennai is one of the Average for Dhanush. This movie was made with a budget of 40 Cr.
  • By 1st Week, the movie collected more than 19 Cr. Vada Chennai Box Office Collection till now is above 55 Cr.
  • Dhanush’s Vada Chennai Box Office Collection is 1.3 times what we predicted which is a huge success.
  • Vada Chennai Box Office Collection to Budget ratio is 1.4, which is considered to be an Average movie as per Movie-Rater HOFS (Hit or Flop Scale)

What is Movie-Rater HOFS?

Check below our scientific approach to measure if Vada Chennai is a Hit Or Flop movie.

  • 1.3< Flop
  • 1.3- 1.8 Average
  • 1.8 – 2.5 – Hit
  • >2.5 – Super Hit


This movie tells the story of national-level carrom player Anbu (Dhanush). It revolves around how he embroiled in a turf war with gangsters in North Chennai. The Movie tells about gangsters’ rise, their political connections, and their downfall. Some incidents are real although it doesn’t focus on one particular person. How Dhanush’s life changes after falling prey to the trap set by a mafia gang forms the crux of the story.



This movie is an original story of gangsters in North Madras and stays true to its genre. This movie has a lot of raw moments, the detailing of these moments in the screenplay makes it a cult gangster film. The politics that the movie tells is relatable and creates an impact. As expected, this movie walks you through the life of North Chennai people with so much authenticity. Director Vetrimaaran has penned a story that is close to reality and not gets influenced by the ‘mass’ factors.

Dhanush’s Performance

Hero Dhanush, in a role that has shades of the characters he played in Pudhupettai and Aadukalam, gets some whistle-worthy masala moments, but as he did with Polladhavan, Director makes them organic and in character rather than give us empty heroism.

The director ensures that the other characters have their moments. Aishwarya Rajesh did make Padma a lovable character despite the cuss words that pepper her lines, while Andrea, who decidedly looks like she doesn’t belong in this setting, manages to make Chandra a strong character.

Ameer’s Rajan appears for only a brief time, but he turns out to be the film’s moral center and beating heart. The Movie’s timeline is superbly set with the political backdrop of the times of MGR and Rajiv Gandhi’s deaths. The art direction, costume and hair, and makeup departments work in tandem to take us to the various time frames.

Santhosh Narayanan silently steps up with gritty BGM, truly Vada Chennai unspoken hero. Cinematographer Velraj has managed to capture the essence of North Madras with its true soul, with 70% of the film taken at night the camera work is outstanding.

So, you can watch it for the true gutsy performances of the lead characters and the well-researched lifestyle of gangster life in North Madras over the last two decades.


  • Dhanush Realistic Performance is the main highlight of the movie
  • Vetrimaaran’s Direction
  • Santhosh Narayanan’s Background Music is the main pillar of the movie
  • Velraj’s Cinematography


  • The drawback is could be understanding the premise comfortably. This Dhanush’s Political Drama has many parts which connect multiple characters, following the language might pose a minor issue.
  • At a few moments, the story could come off as predictable as we have seen similar circumstances before.

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