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It is Christmas time and people take out some time from their life to enjoy the festival watching movies with their friends and family. This Christmas, there are 2 new movies coming that is Zero and KGF. As both the movies are clashing on the same day, there is a lot of talk happening about both the movie. To get a clear idea about both the movie let’s do a comparison on Zero vs KGF

Zero vs KGF Facts

Zero popularity is more than KGF as it features the King of Bollywood & Salman Khan together after a long time. But, KGF has gained more popularity from People and Critics and will do good in the Box Office.

KGF is Yash’s first Kannada movie which is getting released in all 5 languages. Yash had given months to get the look for the VFX. Zero movies are produced by Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan. One thing everyone not expecting was to see Shridevi in Zero.

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KGF showing the time after freedom, we see glims of Indira Gandi’s role in the KGF. KGF is released in 5 different languages, whereas Zero has released in Just Hindi. There is also a huge difference in the budget, where Zero was made with a budget of 200 Cr, and KGF was made with a budget of just 80Cr.

DirectorAanand L. RaiPrashanth Neel
Original IndustryBollywoodKannada
Budget200 Cr80 Cr
Release Date21-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens59652600
Release LanguagesHindiKannada,
IMDB Rating6.3/109.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

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Zero vs KGF Box Office Collection Day wise

Talking about Box Office Collection, Shahrukh Khana’s Zero has a clear advantage. This does not mean that KGF will not carry out great in Box Office. The simplest opportunity we see here that humans could come to watch each of the films as it is Christmastime. Talking about Zero Box Office Collection vs KGF Box Office Collection, it is in reality tough to decide whose performance would be better. But Shahrukh Khan has a huge fan base can take a win over Yash’s KGF.

KGF, on the other hand, will also have to compete with Maari 2 as it is going to get a release on the same day.

1st Day35 Cr30 Cr5 Cr
2nd Day28 Cr27 Cr1 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr29.3 Cr4.3 Cr
4th Day18 Cr25.4 Cr7.4 Cr
5th Day22 Cr22.50.5 Cr
6th Day15 Cr18 Cr3 Cr
7th Day12 Cr10 Cr2 Cr
8th Day6 Cr5 Cr1 Cr
9th Day4 Cr4 Cr0
10th Day3 Cr7 Cr4 Cr
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