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In the last month of the year, big movies are releasing in all parts of India. This Christmas month you would like to watch movies with your family at the theatres. We are bringing you 2 movies Zero and Maari 2 which are doing pretty good at the Box Office Collection. We will demonstrate the comparison between Zero vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection.

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Zero vs Maari 2 facts

Maari 2 and Zero are two different genre movies with different stories involving great actors. Dhanush is starring in Maari 2 and on the other hand, Shahrukh Khan is starring in Zero with the lead role. Both the superstars have a magnificent fan following in their particular industry.

Maari 2 is releasing in two different languages and Zero is releasing only in Hindi. We will share some facts about the movies.

ItemZeroMaari 2
DirectorAanand L. RaiBalaji Mohan
Original IndustryBollywoodTamil
Budget200 Cr
Release Date21-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens5965
Release LanguagesHindiTamil, Telugu
IMDB Rating8.2/106.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

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Zero vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

Maari 2 Box Office Collection is at its positive side. You will see some great action & comedy and Dhanush’s dialogue delivery seems awesome too. As we all know Shahrukh Khan is starring in the movie it is a quite easy task to reach good numbers for Zero Box Office Collection.

DayZeroMaari 2Difference
1st Day35 Cr10 Cr25 Cr
2nd Day28 Cr12 Cr16 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr11.50 Cr13.5 Cr
4th Day22 Cr9.8 Cr12.2 Cr
5th Day25.6 Cr10.4 Cr15.2 Cr
6th Day18 Cr8.8 Cr9.2 Cr
7th Day12 Cr5 Cr7 Cr
8th Day6 Cr3 Cr3 Cr
9th Day4 Cr2 Cr 2 Cr
10th Day3 Cr1.80 Cr1.2 Cr


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Shahrukh Khan vs Dhanush

Shahrukh Khan is the superstar in Bollywood and Dhanush is the superstar from the South. There is a big difference in the years of their career. Dhanush has gained popularity in the South at a good speed.

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Popularity and Fame

Shahrukh Khan is popular all over the country and even some of the foreign countries. Whereas Dhanush is popular in the South majorly and in some North States.

If compared Shahrukh Khan is more popular as he works in the Bollywood industry and a vast majority of people follows it.

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Performance in this Movie

Both actors have given their best in satisfying the fans with the role they are working on.

  • Shahrukh is portraying a dwarf which gets tangled in a love triangle and learns some important life lessons.
  • Dhanush is performing the role of a badass Rowdi and is loved by everyone. It is a sequel to Maari.

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