Thurthu Nirgamana Movie

Thurthu Nirgamana Movie Latest News Updates, Cast & Crew, Release Date Details

Thurthu Nirgamana movie is penned and directed by Hemanth Kumar L. Thurthu Nirgamana was created for the big screen there are visual outcomes. Which conveyed up a large chunk of creation time, which is best viewed in a theatre. Considering Hemanth is also one of the producers and explains what has gone into the building of the film, he is prepared to wait and see if we can actually plan a theatrical presentation. Of course, we will not make a beeline for movie halls as soon as they reestablish. The idea is to see whether somebody, particularly family audiences, will head out for movie drives.

Cast & Crew:

While the Dheerendra Doss Dossmode arranged the music. Starring includes Suneel Rao, Sudharani, Achyuta Kumar, Raj B Shetty, Hita Chandrashekhar, Samyukta Hegde, Aruna Balraj, Nagendra Shaan, and Amrutha Rammoorthi are performed the principal lead casts.

Movie Details:

The film represents what one could do when they get back to the last three days of their life. Speaking around how Thurthu Nirgamana meant born, Hemanth Kumar, who had advanced co-directed Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu with Hemanth Rao, states. How do you get this opportunity, what would you do and what’s the essence of these three days these are the comparisons in this movie. It’s been described in a simplistic way without making it preachy.

There’s surreal stuff in the film and the special effects are such that people should be viewed only on the big screen. It challenges life and death in several places and suggests that one shouldn’t take life too seriously. The concept was born through my personal experiences. When writing it, I didn’t think of it as a VFX movie, but the VFX is one of the highlights of this movie. When you watch it, you will feel like this can occur to you.

Teaser Info:

In this film Some things that attracted to me and will surely entertain the viewers too, says the actor. The idea is whacky as exhibited in the teaser and on one hand, you have my character Vikram, who’s very laidback and doesn’t value time and life, but those three days make him understand the value of liberty. His interpersonal relations, how he recognizes the value of these things, his communications with his mum and sister, etc.

Release Date Details:

When the global pandemic took almost everything, including movie theaters, to shut shop. That continued nearly seven months since and although different Kannada films were explored. What developed to be the new natural with OTT releases. While the filmmakers have to decide the movie release date on 24 Nov 2021 in Theatres.

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