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“We have taken the adaptation rights of Cavite for Aamir” – Vikas Bahl

Aamir, Rajeev Khandelwal’s debut film, has already run into problems. According to recent Vikas Bahl News, Aamir is said to be a copy of the Hollywood film titled Cavite. Bollywood Hungama decided to have a clarified version and spoke to Vikas Bahl, Head of UTV Spotboy.

Basically, Aamir is written and directed by Rajkumar Gupta and he wrote the story even before the English film, Cavite was released. We had registered it at the Writers’ Association. But then after some time, we realized that the story of Cavite was very similar to Aamir hence we approached the writers and makers of Cavite and bought the adaptation rights as that’s the right thing to do,” says Vikas.

So how much of the story is actually different? “Although it’s a universal story, we have treated it differently; the screenplay runs pretty much similar to Cavite but our take on the story is different, so is our climax. Anurag Kashyap who is the creative director of Aamir was the first to realize the similarities in the story and notified us. We immediately decided to do the right thing by buying the adaptation rights.”

The makers of Cavite were perfectly fine with it since it is a universal idea. But unfortunately, the media did not cross-check with any of us and published the wrong thing. No one bothers to confirm news,  signs off Vikas Bahl.

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