Yatra Movie Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop, Story, Review and Rating

Yatra Movie Box Office CollectionYatra is a Telugu movie which is going to hit in the cinemas on  8th February 2019. It is directed by Mahi Raghav and produced by 70MM Entertainment. Malayalam actor Mammootty playing a lead role in this movie. Yatra is a biopic of late Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy and this movie is based on his life and his work. Here is the Yatra Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop, and MP3 Songs Download.

Yatra Box Office Collection

However, we will see a decent grossing as Yatra is getting its release in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. However, there will be moderate footfall for this movie and it will rake a good amount of revenue in the Box Office Collection. Here is the Yatra worldwide Collection.

Yatra Worldwide Box Office Collection

YatraCollection (Cr)
Yatra 1st Day Collection09.00
Yatra 2nd Day Collection07.00
Yatra 3rd Day Collection05.00
Yatra 4th Day Collection03.00
5th Day Collection02.00
6th Day Collection01.00
7th Day Collection00.70
8th Day Collection00.50
9th Day Collection00.20
10th Day Collection00.30
Total Collection28.70

Yatra Telugu Box Office Collection

YatraCollection (Cr)
Yatra 1st Day Collection04.50
Yatra 2nd Day Collection03.50
Yatra 3rd Day Collection02.50
Yatra 4th Day Collection01.00
5th Day Collection00.90
6th Day Collection00.50
7th Day Collection00.35
8th Day Collection00.25
9th Day Collection00.10
10th Day Collection00.15
Total Collection13.75

Yatra Tamil Box Office Collection

YatraCollection (Cr)
Yatra 1st Day Collection01.80
Yatra 2nd Day Collection01.40
Yatra 3rd Day Collection01.00
Yatra 4th Day Collection00.60
5th Day Collection00.40
6th Day Collection00.20
7th Day Collection00.14
8th Day Collection00.10
9th Day Collection00.04
10th Day Collection00.06
Total Collection5.74

Yatra Malayalam Box Office Collection

YatraCollection (Cr)
Yatra 1st Day Collection2.70
Yatra 2nd Day Collection2.10
Yatra 3rd Day Collection1.50
Yatra 4th Day Collection0.90
5th Day Collection0.60
6th Day Collection0.30
7th Day Collection0.21
8th Day Collection0.15
9th Day Collection0.06
10th Day Collection0.09
Total Collection8.61

Yatra Box Office Collection Prediction

Yatra is a biopic of YS Rajashekar who was the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The movie showcases the real-life story of YS Rajashekar how he managed to help people in Andhra Pradesh. The movie didn’t create a buzz among the public. Here is the Yatra’s Box Office Collection Prediction.

DurationPositive TalkNegative Talk
Yatra 1st Day Box Office Collection6 Cr04 Cr
Yatra 2nd Day Collection8 Cr03 Cr
Yatra 3rd Day Collection10 Cr02 Cr
Opening weekend Yatra Box Office Collection 24 Cr9 Cr
Total Yatra Box Office Collection50 Cr30 Cr

Yatra News & Updates

  • 8 Jan 2019– Actor Mammootty cracks the role of YS Rajashekar.
  • 13 Sept 2018– Mammootty Yatra ‘s release date revealed.
  • 21 Jul 2018– Mammotthy starts shooting for Yatra and scheduled to release during Makarsankranti 2019
  • 8 Jul 2018– Mammootty’s upcoming movie Yatra teaser has been released
  • 6 Jul 2018– Mammootty plays a role of late YS Rajashekar in the upcoming movie Yatra
  • 4 Jan 2018– Mahi Raghav directing Mammootty in Yatra

Yatra Movie Story

Yatra movie focuses on certain events which were led by YS Rajashekar, he started a foot journey across Andhra Pradesh in 2003. The overall journey of YS Rajashekar shows about how true leader he was and his work for poor people. The inhabitants of Andhra Pradesh supported him for his work and realized how kind he is. This movie shows how YS Rajashekar traveled 1500Km journey and his overall view of his life.

However, we will get to know more about his life and all the activities that he has done during his political career. Moreover, we will also get to know about his Yatra in politics. YS Rajashekar being one of the renowned leaders in Malayalam we will see all his ups and down.

Yatra Mp3 Songs Download

All the songs for Yatra movie are not yet out, but only 3 has been released. You can download the Mp3 songs from Ganna. All these songs have great music and lyrics, whereas music is a concern you will love hearing it.

Yatra Mp3 Songs

Telugu Movies Box Office Collection Report 2018

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