Month: September 2005

Barfuss: Nick Keller (Til Schweiger) is the black sheep of the family. He can’t hold a job for more than a few days. His stepfather Heinrich (Michael Mendl) and his brother Viktor (Steffen Wink) call him a loser… only his mother (Nadja Tiller) still believes in him. As he is fired from yet another job at a psychiatric ward, he prevents – at the very last second – the suicide of young Leila (Johanna Wokalek). As Nick returns home, she secretly follows him and suddenly stands in his kitchen in the middle of the night, in a nightgown and barefoot. Nick is at a loss: Leila refuses to return to the clinic. She has decided to stay with him, forever. Nick, who has never assumed any responsibility in his life for anyone, and Leila, who grew up completely isolated from the outside world, leave together on a trip that will change their lives.

Barfuss Movie Details

  • Production year: 2005
  • Running time: 118 mins
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Picture: Colour


The Big White

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