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The profession of a lawyer is difficult, but very interesting. This is evidenced by the huge number of movies and TV series on the subject of law. Thrilling and complicated cases, heated court battles, intrigues, verbal skirmishes in courtrooms, intricate processes, where every detail can become fatal, impartial judges, career ambitions and personal dramas in our top of the best TV series.

1. Goliath (2016–2021)

  • USA, 2016-2021
  • Duration: 4 seasons
  • Drama, Crime
  • IMDb: 8.1

Lawyer Billy McBride has a bad reputation among his colleagues because of his scandalous dismissal. Trying to make a living, he looks for clients everywhere: Billy is even willing to chase ambulances to get his client. During one of his forays, he gets his hands on a case with which he can get revenge on the firm that ruined his career. He clings to the chance, even putting his life on the line.

Goliath” has a good script and unpredictable plot, so the series is really interesting to watch. However, the main plus of the project is the presence of Billy Bob Thornton, who played the main role. His charisma brings the story to life and makes it more dramatic.

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2. Damages (2007–2012)

  • USA, 2007-2012
  • Crime, Drama
  • Duration: 5 seasons
  • IMDb: 8.1

The law firm Hughes & Associates is working on a lawsuit against a billionaire. The desire to win the case leads the head of the company, Patty Hewes, to use any means necessary, including murder. Just then Ellen Parsons takes a job in a law firm, not even knowing what she will have to do.

The Scramble series often refers to the law, with almost all of the main characters being lawyers. That said, it is legal in the same way that “Grey’s Anatomy” is – medical. The emphasis is on the personalities of the main characters and their relationships, with laws and court proceedings appearing as background. However, this is not a minus – the series has an interesting plot.

3. Franklin & Bash (2011–2014)

  • USA, 2011-2014
  • Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Duration: 4 seasons
  • IMDb: 7.6

Franklin and Bash are successful lawyers. And by doing so they attract the attention of a major law firm. They are invited to work, allowing them to take cases that interest them. The two nuggets work together to solve the problems of their clients, as well as to upset their enemies.

The show talks a lot about law, but even more about people’s relationships. The series is more about friendship than court. In some ways, the project resembles “The Big Bang Theory,” but the action is moved from the student apartment to the courtroom.

4. Better Call Saul (2015–2022)

  • USA, 2015-2022.
  • Comedy, drama, crime
  • Length: 6 seasons
  • IMDb: 8.9

Jimmy McGill tries to become a successful lawyer, but no one takes him seriously. It is especially frustrating to admit his failure against the backdrop of his older brother, who is considered one of the best lawyers in New Mexico. Jimmy realizes that institutional methods do not suit him, so he decides to use his wits and refuses to comply with certain laws. And the more he breaks them, the more successful he becomes-so he comes to both abandoning his principles and giving up his old name.

“Better Call Saul” is an excellent prequel to the “Breaking Bad” series, but it is quite difficult to watch without knowing the universe, many of the details will prove incomprehensible. That said, the Saul Goodman story is great as a procedural – many hours are devoted to the meticulous study of cases and lawsuits. Of course, the action is there, too, which is characteristic of Breaking Bad, but it only grows from the fourth season onward.

5. Munch (2016)

  • France, 2016-2022
  • Drama, crime
  • Duration: 5 seasons
  • IMDb: 7.2

Gabriel Munchowski works with people who have already become disillusioned with justice. Clients come with all kinds of cases, but Munch always finds ways to help them out. Helping her is an old friend Hubert Bellanger, a fastidious lawyer with enormous experience. The main character has a complicated character, but it does not prevent her from her main task – to use the law for the good of the people.

You can say that “Munch” is a “House” series, in which medicine has been swapped for law. Five seasons have already come out, and the project will probably continue – the ratings are excellent.

6. Boston Legal (2004–2008)

  • USA, 2004-2008
  • Drama, comedy, crime
  • Duration: 4 seasons
  • IMDb: 8.5

Alan Shore and Denny Crane handle civil cases. The success of their law firm is connected not only with professionalism but also with special methods of work – sometimes the friends are ready to break the law for the sake of the client. Far from always such situations end well.

“Boston Lawyers” is a classic series about lawyers, which has both drama and black humor, and jokes about the profession. It was co-written by Mike Listo, who, years later, directed How to Get Away with Murder.

7. How To Get Away With Murder (2014–2020)

  • USA, 2014-2020
  • Detective, Drama
  • Duration: 6 seasons
  • IMDb: 8.1

Annalise Keating teaches criminal law. True, she calls her course something else: “How To Get Away With Murder”. What her students don’t know is that they’re not just being trained to be lawyers: they’ll have to use what they’ve learned in practice.

“How To Get Away With Murder” is a pretty violent series that may not appeal to impressionable viewers. Fortunately, it has not only scary footage but also a dashingly twisted plot. The series ended two years ago, and fans are still arguing about the ending.

8. The Escape Artist (2013)

  • UK, 2013
  • Drama, Crime
  • Duration: Season 1
  • IMDb: 7.5

Lawyer Will Burton takes on the case of Liam Foyle, a suspect in the brutal murder of his wife. The lawyer finds a loophole and saves his client from imprisonment, but Foyle decides that Burton has treated him neglectfully and so kills his wife. Now Will tries to put his former client in jail and struggles with his new lawyer.

“The Escape Artist” is a short and vivid series that won’t make you bored. The intense episodes raise many questions, including the meaning of being a lawyer.

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Bollywood has lately developed beyond its staple structure and is adding several artistically bold themes to the cinema. Here get the details about Gehraiyaan Review..

Gehraiyaan is one of those additions. The movie got hyped due to its casting and trailer. However, after it got released, Gehraiyaan received heavy criticism from viewers.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you can download Gehraiyaan from RarBG.

In this article, we shall talk about some special eccentric moves that Gehraiyaan brought to the Bollywood industry.

The Movie Plot

Spoilers ahead!

Gehraiyaan revolves around the story of Alisha, played by Deepika Padukon, struggling to make ends meet. She runs a yoga center and is trying to get funding for her yoga app. She lives with her boyfriend, who’s currently unemployed.

The movie starts with Alisha’s flashback, where she is seen to be playing with her cousin Tia, played by Ananya Pandey. There’s an apparent difference in status between Tia and Alisha.

When Alisha meets Tia’s boyfriend Zain, played by Siddhant Chaturvedi, a lustful romance quickly sparks up.

Another part of the movie shows Alisha’s father, played by Nasiruddin Shah. There’s an apparent feud between the father-daughter duo and Alisha deeply misses her deceased mother.

The movie proceeds with this unstoppable romantic connection, the contrasts between lives and how Alisha gets over her past but falls victim to another reality that she now has to hide for the rest of her life.

What Stands Out?

Firstly, the cast of the movie has been selected quite carefully. It somehow fits the plot too suitably.

This A-list cast did justice to their characters. And to everyone’s surprise, we are talking about Ananya Pandey too!

Now, coming to the reasons why you need to watch Gehraiyaan—

It is a breath of fresh air, for starters.

After watching the trailer, I decided not to watch the movie. I was simply trying to avoid the glorification of the avant-garde broken society with filthy rich, promiscuous individuals.

But I was forced to watch Gehraiyaan as the only available entertainment on a Saturday evening.

To my surprise, the trailer was a hoax.

Yes, they are filthy rich and promiscuous. But no, the movie did not glorify promiscuity.

Gehraiyaan can make you feel penniless, but that’s only if you focus on the riches.

Once you get over Zain’s yacht, you can discover the eccentricities of Gehraiyaan. The movie had plenty of twists and turns in the plot.

The movie represents a strong woman with a distorted past. A past that was kept from her by her father for the sake of protection. It shows the ravages of promiscuity and how unfaithfulness can break people, shake their foundation right from the base.

However, the fresh part of the movie is that it forgives the woman and kills the man. Something that we don’t get to see on Bollywood screens.

The ending forgives Alisha for promiscuity, but not ignorance.

The burden of misunderstanding her father for most of her life would linger her life forever as she’d probably struggle with the crime she committed. She will spend the rest of her life hiding a truth just like her father did for her sake.

Unraveling one past just created another one for Alisha. This reminds us of the very essence of modern society. The more we try to break from our old patterns, thoughts, ideas and stereotypes, we just end up replacing them with another.

This modern society portrayal can be your only reason if you want to watch Gehraiyaan.

Ending Note!

The movie, with its constant lingering loneliness, again paints modern society full of voids and distant humans. We are closer to one another than we can imagine, and at times we are farther than we seem.

If you still don’t like Gehraiyaan, we can understand. However, we’d still suggest the ones who didn’t watch it yet give it a try.

As an ending note, Gehraiyaan was a movie that moved from being overrated to underrated. The trailer and music videos got overhyped. But the movie did not receive enough appreciation after its release.

We are looking forward to some contrasting comments below here. So keep us updated with your thoughts in the comment section.

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Mumbai Diaries Web Series Download

The upcoming web series on the most significant OTT platform Amazon Prime Video, Mumbai Dairies 26/11 will display the untold story of the doctors & other medical personnel who worked gallantly in the terrorist attack of 26/11/2008. Directed by Nikkhil Advani and produced by Emmay Entertainment the series is anticipated to provide a promising plot and storyline.

Mumbai Dairies 26/11 Series Information

The Mumbai Dairies series represents the circumstance of the bold clinical experts. Other clinical laborers in the fear-based oppressor intrusion of 26/11/2008.  The trailer shows all the paramedic staff fighting to keep up the survivors of the assault with complete endeavors to ration them. The arrangement bends over backward to display the narrative of the unseen saints of the assault. The secret was divulged on 26/11/2020 on the twelfth commemoration of the assault. The arrangement intends to see the value in the endeavors of the specialists, medical attendants. The other paramedical staff who worked amazingly during this difficult season of the Mumbai Attack. The 2 minutes teaser of the series shows different clients of different age groups suffering from the effects of the attack.

Mumbai Dairies 26/11 series Plot:

The series focuses on the circumstance of a medical facility in Mumbai where victims are being admitted and the members of the medical personnel attempting their best to treat the victims. Discussing the program’s style, Nikkhil Advani said, “We Mumbaikars often talk about where we were on that eventful night when this devastating occurrence shook the whole city. There have actually been a number of shows and movies centered. The incident but nobody has checked out the medical professionals’ side of it. With this medical drama, we intend to promote the human spirit in the face of unmatched risk. Celebrate the brave medical professionals who had conserved the day while keeping the level of sensitivity of the subject in mind.”
Aparna Purohit, of Amazon Prime Video, said, “The awful night of Mumbai fear attacks of November 26 has engraved into the minds of every Indian.

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 admires all the frontline workers, martyrs, and their families who risked their lives to conserve others. We are revealing the first appearance of the series as an ode to their bravery and sacrifice. We are exceptionally excited to collaborate with among India’s finest directors, Nikkhil Advani, to provide the untold stories of 26/11.”

Mumbai Dairies 26/11 series Details:

The series stars Konkana Sen Sharma, Mohit Raina, Tina Desai, and Shreya Dhanwanthary. Mohit Raina has shown to play the character of a senior cosmetic surgeon. Who has needed to make a major choice, the teaser provides Mohit Raina saying “Let’s get to Work …” which portrays the serious situations of that time.
Mohit Raina and Konkana Sen Sharma have shown as the main leads in the teaser whereas Tina Desai and Shreya Dhanwanthary have actually played an essential role.

Star Mohit Raina likewise shared a tribute for the victims of the attack in a post on Instagram. “On the 12th anniversary of 26/11, my thoughts go out to all victims. Initially responders, and security forces,” he wrote in his post.

Mumbai Dairies 26/11 Full Web Series Download

It’s a trend that has just grown in the past couple of years. Piracy occurrences with the current motion pictures and web series have actually just gone up, with extremely little on the positive side. The Bollywood Mumbai Dairies 26/11 has been leaked by Tamilrockers, it can download from that website. Though we at no point in time promote such leakages, this is just for informative functions.

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Mumbai Dairies 26/11 series Release Date:

The series will premiere in March 2021. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 will release on Amazon Prime all at once throughout 200 countries and territories.

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Torbaaz Movie

Indian film market has actually been affected a number of times by internet pirates. In spite of the costs applied to produce the films, piracy levies a substantial loss to the industry. Torbaaz, starring Sanjay dust has likewise been affected terribly due to it.



Torbaaz Movie Details

This movie is an amazing action thriller motion picture released on 11 Dec 2020. The film was indicated to be launched in theaters however due to the covid-19 breakout, the makers decided to release it on NETFLIX. The movie is directed by Girish Malik and produced by Raju Chadha and Rahul Mittra.

The film discovers its setting in an Afghanistan refugee camp where hundreds of individuals have nestled after being deserted.

Sanjay Dutt is playing a retired army physician, who had desires of making the lives of the kids of the camp a little less painful by making them play cricket.

Quickly he recognizes that it’s not easy as a cinch to make his dream come to life, and the stakes are going to get high if he is identified to his decision.

Movie cast

  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Nargis Fakhri
  • Ankita Lokhande
  • Rahul Dev

Torbaaz Full Movie Download

Filmyzilla is the leading offender on the internet that has actually made the circulation and blood circulation of the download in addition to online links of Torbaaz accessible on the web. They are continuously leaking and provided the current Bollywood and Hollywood images soon after their release.

They are doing some inappropriate as well as illegal things and hence ought to be lowered soon. Torbaaz is offered for both download and online streaming on Filezilla in various video quality formats. It can be availed in 360p, 480p, 720p, and even in full HD print.

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Although we have the most relied on and sensible users on our website from all around the world, it is up until now our interest the group that they should use main resources and ought to not associate and promote any type of piracy. The audience must head towards the theaters and contribute some time and cash to the accomplishment and success of the film.

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Tandav Web Series Download

All are well aware of the actions skills of Saif Ali khan. His brilliant acting in the web series Sacred Games has attracted many audiences to watch more Indian web series. The same thing happens in the recently released web series Tandav. The story well described the dark side of politics in India. Unfortunately, the web series didn’t grab many viewers in the streaming app due to the leak of download links on the website of Tamilrockers.


About the series Tandav:

Tandav is an Indian web series that was released on 15th January 2021 on Amazon prime video. The storyline of the series described the dark secrets of politics in the real world. The movie stars popular actors like Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Dimple Kapadia, etc.  It is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, who is well known for Sultan and Tiger Zinda hai’s direction. 

The web series had nine episodes that have revealed some deep secrets of the monarchy in democracy. The movie is full of thrilling moments that will give the next level of joy. The film is all about the mystery behind the protest against a political party, and its consequences.

Tandav full web series download:

The web series was available on the website of Tamilrockers on its first day of release. The original download link embedded with the help of some URL shortening links to bypass the guidelines. 

Tamilrockers is among those websites that provide download links to all the recently released movies. The website’s administrator has some tricky tools to extract out the video from Amazon prime video app and take it offline for download. This movie’s download links in addition to the internet streaming links were offered by Tamilrockers. On the site of Tamilrockers, this movie is available in 720p, 480p, hd, and also in 360p print.

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Impact of the leak web series:

Tandav was already in talks from the beginning before its release. People were eagerly waiting to see Suni Grover and Saif Ali Khan for the first time. But due to the download link’s availability, most people didn’t take subscriptions to Amazon prime video. The movie link that was leaked doesn’t take much time to go viral. The production house has to face a significant loss due to this series problem.

Advice for the audience:

Many talented actors in Bollywood get very few chances in web series to prove their acting. In such a case, the audience must support them by watching the original app’s web series to benefit from the premium content. It develops interest among the actors and production house to invest more in great talents to keep entertaining.

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