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College professors and high school teachers often ask their students to write essays. This happens mostly because essays are a very special task. Essays show not only students’ knowledge on the topic, but also their ability to analyze, summarize, and reason. They distinguish several essay types, like persuasive, descriptive, analytical, comparison, and a few others. An Tips on Writing Essay Conclusion is a structured piece of writing. It usually has an introduction, two or three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction you should present your thesis, each of the body paragraphs presents an argument. The conclusion, being a very important part of an essay, rounds up everything. How can you make your conclusion exceptional? 

What Makes a Good Conclusion

Blogger Ann Blair from the custom research paper writing service claims that during communication people usually remember the last thing that was told. This stresses the importance of a good conclusion. It can’t save your essay if your thesis and arguments are poor, but it can make your essay sparkle, even if your arguments aren’t very strong. Firstly, it’s necessary to clarify what the aim of the conclusion is. It should show the reader the development of your points from the beginning of the essay to its end. The conclusion aims to connect all the author’s main points. The conclusion should prove the importance of the presented arguments. At the same time, it has to provoke further thoughts on the issue or inspire some actions. The Tips on Writing Essay Conclusion should be connected with the introduction showing the development of the ideas. After reading the conclusion the readers should feel that they know more about the issue than they do after reading the introduction. Let’s consider some dos and don’ts essential for writing a strong conclusion. 

  • Your conclusion should be structured. In its topic sentence, you need to rephrase your thesis and show again its importance. Then in a few supporting sentences, it’s necessary to present again the main points of your paper. The concluding sentences should give the reader the sense of completeness of your whole essay. 
  • Don’t repeat your introduction in the conclusion. The reader of your essay has already read your introduction and can re-read it again if he/she wants to. It’s also a bad idea simply to repeat your arguments. Instead, your conclusion should show the development of your points. It’s necessary to re-phrase your arguments and show why they matter. You should mention only major points. 
  • Connect your conclusion with the introduction lexically or/and synthetically. Use in your conclusion a phrase or a structure that was specific in your introduction. 
  • Don’t introduce new arguments or proof in the conclusion. Your conclusion is a summary of your arguments presented in the body paragraphs. It’s not the place to develop new ideas.
  • Use a rhetorical question or a quotation that might provoke further thoughts, a discussion, or taking some actions. You can also warn your readers as to the possible consequences of not taking action.
  • Don’t use any summarizing phrases, like “summing it up”, or “in conclusion”. It’s mostly about the style of your essay. Besides, remember, that you might be limited by the number of words, so rather write something important than useless introductory words.
  • Take your time to work on the conclusion of your essay. This part of the essay might need additional proofreading and revising. There is a good chance that you will need to re-write it several times. 
  • Don’t excuse for not mentioning something or use phrases that can make your arguments less strong. Claiming that you aren’t an expert or that there is no clear answer to the problem, will make your points less strong. 
  • Use the same tone in your conclusion as in other parts of your essay. 

Writing an essay isn’t an easy job. Every part of an essay is important and has several specific features. The conclusion is the most essential part and it’s not easy to write. To write a good conclusion you should be able to summarize your ideas and rephrase your writing. These skills should be trained, so don’t overestimate your abilities and take your time to re-write your conclusion if necessary to improve it. The proverb says that practice makes perfect. If you want to write well, just write.

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Make friends easily

Do you want to enlarge your friend’s circle? Do you want to socialize better and attract more friendships? Then you are in the right place. On, I am going to give you step-by-step guidance that will help you make friends while in college. Friends make college life more memorable and interesting. That is why they are an essential aspect for any student in college life. 

Friends you currently have

To build up to how you can make new friends, let us circle back to the friends you currently have. Most people make their first friends when in school or at home with their neighbors. The two instances have one thing in common, you spent a lot of time while you were a child in them. The fact that you used to spent a lot of time in school and at home pushed you to interact with the people surrounding you. Hence they became your friends. 

I am not pointing out geography as the most crucial aspect in building a friendship. Other factors such as personality and shared interest play a vital role in making friends. We are more likely to be interested in hanging out with people that like what we like. People are attracted by different personalities too, some prefer people with attitude while others prefer calm people. But still, geography plays a crucial role in building friendships.

My first best friend was a fellow band player. We used to spend much time together while practicing. We also shared a common interest in music. We both loved rock music. We can hence add spending a lot of time together to the friend-making process.

How you can make friends intentionally 

After identifying how we made the friends we have, it is now time to create a new one. Seeking to find new friends can sound awkward. A lot of people think that it is a natural process. So trying to build new friends can sound unnatural.

However, finding your friends with a purpose will help you choose the right friends. And as we all know, the right friends lead to a happier life and a long-lasting friendship. Friends, unlike family, are chosen, you can control the nature of people surrounding you, so use that to your advantage. The friends you choose should boost your morale and provide a shoulder to lean on during troubling times.

Where can you find friends while in college?

Many people do not make new friends because they do not know where to start looking for one. If you are troubled about knowing the right spots to make new friends while in college, here is a list to help you out. It covers all the college spots that students socialize best.

Campus Events

Campus events offer the opportunity to socialize with all sorts of people. Seize this opportunity and make yourself new friends. Here are examples of college events common to many colleges.

  1. Karaoke night
  2. Guest speaker
  3. TEDx
  4. protest 
  5. free craft day 
  6. Quidditch matches 
  7. Charity 5Ks
  8. Themed dances 

The fact that you have all the talking points provided for you in these events, makes them a crucial part of making new friends.

Extra tip 

Most events provide a pre or post-reception, use this opportunity to start up a discussion.

Campus Organization

Every college provides a range of organizations which include, sports, social cause, recreational activity, recreational activity, and even career aspiration organizations. Each organization has numerous amount of members, they also all share a common interest. 

The organizations have regular meetings meaning you get to meet one group of students repeatedly. Use their repeated interactions to build new friends. 

You however need to choose your organization carefully. Remember the people you will be interacting with all share a common interest. So if you choose an organization that you are not interested in you will probably not make a lot of. 


You spend roughly twelve to fifteen hours in class. That is enough time to make a whole bunch of new people. You also interact with the same people every day, so use this time to create conversations and later advance to friendship. 

People who share the same class on campus also share the same interests. Hence you can be sure to make a lot of students in class if you put in a little more effort into it.

Your dorm

Dorms are a great place to interact with fellow students. Considering the amount of time you spend in dorms doing assignments or just hanging out with people. It is the perfect place to build new friendships. The fact that dorms are shared, though, reduces privacy, offers a lot of repeated interactions. Use this time to start random conversations with your roommate.


Friends are a crucial aspect of any students’ college life. They make life on campus easier and more interesting. However, many people have had time to make new students. If you are one of those people, then I hope this article has helped you out.

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5 Factors to Consider During Web Designing
5 Factors to Consider During Web Designing

Web development is significant. As much as the content is vital, it cannot be relevant without a substantial web that is fully developed and designed. For people to click and read your content, your web should be eye-catching enough to grab their attention. Coding integrity, navigation, and appearance of your web are factors that make readers interested. Web developers and designers work together to bring out the best results. Below the article here find the 5 factors to consider during web designing.

The web should be good enough to be located by search engines, enhance a conversation, and entice customers. If you are at an initial stage and want some attention you have to get help from a third-party platform that guarantees your social media page or website gets a boost in engagement. There are so many essentials that you need to consider before designing and developing a web. These tips will act as your guide and help you watch out for common mistakes people make.

1. Settling for Host and Domain

Having a domain is very important for your web to be up and running. You can check out other domain names so you can get an idea of yours. Check out the tips to follow when settling for a domain name.

A good domain name should convey the correct information and reflect the voice of your brand accurately. It may be challenging to find the perfect name for your brand so you can incorporate it into the domain name.

The hosting package should be suitable for your website and business operations. You will need to check various factors from the host. Some of the factors include whether it has pictures, presentations, and videos or not. You also need to check the traffic it will attract to your web.

2. Clean Design

As you develop your web, you should consider creating a good and clean design. When you have a clean design, it will enable your viewers to focus on the value of your web brand. It is better compared to being distracted by texts and graphics.

Customers like going for web designs depending on their product and company. Therefore, the design is crucial because if it gives the customer a positive experience, they will return.  

3. Choosing a Color Scheme

Your web color is crucial, especially for customers who put too much attention on it. In most cases, color influences emotions such as frustrations and happiness. As you choose, consider the niche of your company, brand, target market, and the elements of the color.

Which color will attract the attention of your audience? It should have a scheme that is similar to your logo and brand. Thus, it would be best if you took your time researching because it will determine the impression of your guests.

4. Branding

Branding has been mentioned so often because it’s one of the crucial aspects of your web development. It is essential to your business, no matter how big or small it is. The design you create for your logo will contribute to the opinion of the viewers. When you ask a professional designer to work on your logo, your customers will be interested in going through your brand.

Therefore, your brand and logo go hand in hand when it comes to attracting viewers to your web. Additionally, your business needs to be consistent. It is because that will give your customers a good brand experience. You can go through the tips to branding your web so you can get everything right.

5. The Loading Time

One of the things you need to consider as you design and develop your web is it’s time to load. So many customers keep complaining online because of the time it takes to access specific blogs. It is a huge turnoff, and some customers may never come back.

Before you release your website to your viewers, ensure you test how long it takes to load the content. As much as the information portrayed is essential, it will be boring to wait for it to load. The viewers may end up going for your competitors. Ensure you block all the reasons for your competitors to be ahead of you.

In Conclusion

Web development and designing are very crucial. It is because that is what makes the site complete and attractive to viewers. As you complete the process, ensure you check how secure your web is to online crimes. What you post as your content should be informative enough to give your customers a reason to subscribe and come back for more.

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Web Development and Design
Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design is very crucial. The World of business shifted from analog to digital thanks to internet connections. Thus, people started taking their businesses online. However, over the years, so many people have flooded the online World with various companies every day. 

Therefore, to stay on top, you need to work hard to produce the best and attract more customers to your blog. Business people have no other option other than to keep up with tech trends as it is now part of our lifestyle.

Web development is now crucial to most entrepreneurs who chose to go online. The voice of your brand needs to be recognized in the market. That is why designing and developing your web is crucial to your brand. It is a way of giving your customers a taste of what they are looking for in your company.

Customers need to be convinced that your brand is the best. That is where designing comes in. How you design your web is what will give the viewer a reason to stay. Through online platforms, your web can be accessible across the globe and attract more people. The following are some of the reasons why web development and designing are essential.

1. Creating Impression

Web design is crucial because it impacts the impression your target audience has of your brand. Your audience’s perception of your brand will give them a reason to keep coming back and invite other people.

There are some techniques to do so such as have a presentable website with lots of traffic. If you are starting out on a social media platform, even such as Spotify or Twitch, you may seek help from a third-party platform to get initial engagements so that your website or a social media page gets somewhere and attracts more audience.

However, if they have a negative view towards the techniques that you use, that will be enough to make them leave without coming back. It is even worse during this era because viewers may take it to social media to incite other people against your brand.

2. It Helps in Search Engine Strategy

There are so many elements of web design that influence how your content has been published on your website. Consequently, it affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. That is one of the things you should not affect.

SEO is very fundamental to your website. If you do not have it, you will struggle to be visible on the internet. Designing is essential because it will help you in making your code to be SEO-friendly. Ensure you get a designer or agency that will help you with search engine visibility.

3. Create Open Communication with Viewers

Web development is essential because it will help you communicate with your customers effectively. It is not easy to know all your customers by name, but web development makes it easier for you and your business brand. When you communicate with your visitors, they will want to come back again. It will help you generate more profits and attract more customers. Having a website that will closely relate to your customers will help you thrive in the competitive industry. You will be in a position to respond to complaints and inquiries. That will show your clients how concerned you are about their satisfaction.

4. Enhance Connectivity

Web development will facilitate your connectivity by expanding your reach to many customers. It will also help you attract more people to your business. Having a responsive website will enhance your accessibility to more users who use various devices. It will increase the exposure and traffic of your website.

5. Expose Your Reliability

When you develop a website, your consumers will have faith in you for being reliable. It may not be possible to attend to all your customers because of the geographical gap. However, when you are online, you will get to reach all your viewers.

They will have faith in your reliability to meet their needs and concerns. The design of your website also matters to your customers. The presentation you give your customers should be professional.

Additionally, it should be clear and concise to portray the information understandably. The design should also ensure that the website is fast to load because the consumers may find it slow and leave for a faster one. These factors contribute to your consumers having confidence in your content.  

In Conclusion

Web development and design are very crucial in this World of technology. For your business to thrive on the internet, you need experts to help you plan and develop a good website.

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