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We have seen a huge growth in the Kannada movie Industry and movies like KGF has set a benchmark. With the growth in the Industry, we have also seen growth in Kannada Movies Box Office collections, which ensures that the industry has a huge potential.

Looking at Kannada movies box office collections history and the way the industry is competing with Bollywood and Hollywood and indicates a huge growth. Here we are going to see how the Kannada movie has grown in coming years in the Box Office.

Kannada Movies Box Office Collection Reports 2019

Kannada Movies Box Office Collections Jan – Mar 2019

MoviesRelease DateCollections (Cr)
Kirik Love Story14-Feb-20190.40
Seetharama Kalyana26-Jan-201903.00

Kannada Movies Box Office Collection Reports 2018

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One of the biggest blockbuster movie in Kannada industry in 2018 was KGF. This movie not only surprised people from India, but also worldwide. This movie became so popular that people have started comparing it with Bahubali 2 and. It is already spread that KGF Chapter 2 will be releasing soon.

Kannada Movie Box Office Collection for 2018 has already grossed over 1000 Cr and we are expecting the Industry do much better in the year 2019. 2018 for Kannada Industry was quite awesome. We saw some amazing movies like The Villain, KGF and more. Let’s check the list of Kannada movies that got released in 2018 and their Box Office collection.

Out of all the movies that got released in the year 2018 only a few topped the Kannada movie Box Office Collection.

Top Grossing Kannada Movies 2018

MoviesRelease DateCollections (Cr)
KGF21 Dec-2018240
The Villain18-Oct-2018130
Tagaru23 Feb-201839.5
Ayogya17 Aug 201830.0
Raambo 218 May 201825.0

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Kannada Movies Box Office Collections – 2018 Oct-Dec

  • More than 13 movies got released in the Q4 of 2018.
  • Q4 in 2018 was an awesome quarter for Kannada Movies Industry. Q4 total Box Office collection for Kanna movies was above 513 Cr.
  • KGF was the highest grossing movie for the quarter, where it grossed more than 221 Cr and is still in counting.
MoviesRelease DateCollections (Cr)
Naduve Antaravirali05 Oct 201809.0
The Villain18 Oct 2018130
Victory 201 Nov 201812.0
Ammachi Yemba Nenapu01 Nov 201817.0
Gvana Yajna01 Nov 201805.0
8MM Bullet16 Nov 201810.0
Thayige Thakka Maga16 Nov 201803.0
Puta 10916 Nov 201805.0
Karshanam23 Nov 201810.0
Apple Cake23 Nov 201803.0
Bhairava Geetha07 Dec 201805.0
Orange07 Dec 201807.0
K.G.F: Chapter 121 Dec 2018240

Kannada Movies Box Office Collections Jul 2018 – Sep 2018

  • Q3 dor Kannada Movies Box Office was not that great as it grossed only 105 Cr in the quarter.
  • There were more than 20 movies that got their release between Jul to Sept 2018.
  • Ayogya and Commander were the highest-grossing movies in this quarter with 30 Cr and 21 Cr box Office collections respectively.
MoviesRelease DateCollections (Cr)
Atharva13 Jul 201801.5
Prayanikara Gamanakke27 Jul 201803.0
Sankashta kara Ganapathi27 Jul 201802.0
Vaasu Naan Pakka Commercial03 Aug 201804.0
Kumari 21 F03 Aug 201810.0
Katheyondu Shuruvagide03 Aug 201807.0
Padarasa10 Aug 201807.0
Ayogya17 Aug 201830.0
Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu23 Aug 201805.0
Mukthi24 Aug 20180.50
Commando31 Aug 201821.0
Chowkurgate31 Aug 201801.5
Aarohana31 Aug 20180.20
Atantra31 Aug 201802.0
Iruvudellava Bittu21 Sep 201803.5
Ambi Ning Vayassaitho27 Sep 201809.0

Kannada Movies Box Office Collections (Apr 2018 – Jun 2018)

  • Similar to Q3, Q2 of 2018 was not that great for Kannada Movie Industry. In this quarter more than 20 movies were released.
  • Overall Kannada Movies Box Office Collection for Q2 was around 80 Cr.
  • One of the highest grossing movies in this Q2 2018 was Raambo 2.
MoviesRelease DateCollections (Cr)
Nanjundi Kalyana06 Apr 201810.0
Dalapathi13 Apr 201805.0
Attempt To Murder20 Apr 201805.0
Krishna Tulasi20 Apr 201803.0
Days Of Borapura27 Apr 201802.0
Hebbet Ramakka27 Apr 201803.0
Dhwaja27 Apr 201802.0
Kichchu04 May 201803.0
Raambo 218 May 201825.0
Shathaya Gathaya08 Jun 201801.2
Kattu Kathe15 Jun 201803.0
Amma I Love You15 Jun 201802.0
Megha Alias Maggi15 Jun 201805.0
Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara22 Jun 201803.0
*121#29 Jun 201803.0

Kannada Movies Box Office Collections (Jan 2018 – Mar 2018)

  • A lot of low budget movies were released in the first Quarter of 2018. More than 30 movies were released in this Quarter.
  • The highest-grossing movie in the Q1 if 2018 was 3 Dandupalya which has grossed around 25 Cr.
  • Total Box Office Collection for the Q1 of 2018 was more than 120 Cr.
MoviesRelease DateCollections (Cr)
Neenillada Male12-Jan-201805.0
Devrantha Manushya02 Feb 201806.0
Rajasimha02 Feb 201801.0
Prema Baraha09 Feb 201810.0
Samhaara09 Feb 201802.0
Tagaru23 Feb 201815.0
Rankal Raate23 Feb 201801.0
300002 Mar 201805.0
Preethiya Raayabhari02 Mar 201810.0
O Premave16 Mar 201804.0
3 (Dandupalya)16 Mar 201825.0
Yogi Duniya23 Mar 201802.0
Rajaratha23 Mar 201808.0
Heegondhu Dina30 Mar 201803.0
Gultoo30 Mar 201804.0
Johnny Johnny Yes Papa30 Mar 201806.0
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Idam Jagath is an Action-thriller film directed by Anil Srikantam & jointly produced by Jonnalagadda Padmavati. While the director Anil Srikantam has not introduced everywhere that the film is an official remake of the Hollywood hit thriller mystery film, ‘Nightcrawler’. We can see a lot of common scenes from Nightcrawlers. In this post, we are going to see Idam Jagat Box Office Collection and Ratings.

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Idam Jagath Box Office Collections

The movie Idam Jagath is an upcoming Telugu film. The hero Sumanth is playing the lead role in this movie. He is portraying the role of a journalist who puts his life at risk to cover news. Terrible things start to take place in the lead hero’s life. Like every Indian movie, there is a romantic half which puts you in emotions. There is a love story in this movie too. 

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The whole team will love it if the movie collects great at the Box Office Collections. It looks like the movie has a chance to do well and get high popularity.

1st Day Box Office Collection1.80 Cr
2nd Day Box Office Collection1.20 Cr
3rd Box Office Collection0.80 Cr
4th Box Office Collection0.55 Cr
5th Box Office Collection0.30 Cr
6th Box Office Collection0.20 Cr
7th Box Office Collection0.25 Cr
8th Box Office Collection0.15 Cr
9th Box Office Collection0.12 Cr
Total Collections5.37 Cr

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Idam Jagath Movie Box Office Collection – Prediction

We can predict a number of possibilities, but we can never say what will happen at the Box office. If the movie will be a hit or will drown beneath the sea. We are going to list down out predictions for Idam Jagath Box Office Collection

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

The movie is getting attention from the audience and is expected to do good at the Box Office. Idam Jagath Box Office Collection can give us unpredicted numbers which will help the cast and crew.

1st-day box office prediction 7 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction 4 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction 3 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction 13 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction 20 Cr
Total box office 20 Cr

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If the Word of Mouth is not good

It depends on a lot of circumstances if a movie is good or bad. If the promotion is not done effectively then it can also cause the downfall of Idam Jagath Box Office Collection. But for it, there should be an extremely outstanding script.

1st-day box office Collection prediction 3 Cr
2nd-day box office Collection  prediction 2 Cr
3rd-day box office Collection prediction 1 Cr
Opening weekend box office Collection prediction 10 Cr
Worldwide box office Collection  prediction 12 Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction 12Cr

Idam Jagath 2019 Movie Review

*The review will be posted when the movie is released.

Idam Jagath Movie Highlights 

  • Sumanth’s spectacular acting.
  • The love romance of Sumanth and Anju Kurian.
  • Life of a Journalist.

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Idam Jagath 2018 Cast and Crew 

Here is the table of Idam Jagat Cast and Crew.

DirectorAnil Srikantam
ProducerJonnalagadda Padmavati,
Actors & ActressesSumanth,
Anju Kurian,
Adithya Menon,
Sivaji Raja,
Satya Shafi,
Kalyan Vidhapu
CinematographyBal Reddy
Written ByAnil Srikantam
Production houseSri Vignesh Karthik Cinemas and Viraat films
Release date28 December 2018

Idam Jagath Movie Trailer

[sc name=”TBO”]

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Kaalidas is one of the upcoming new Tamil movies which is going to release on 28th December 2018. Bharat Niwas is starring as the lead role in the action thriller. The movie is about the death of women who commit suicide and all the mystery around it. Even with all the facts, a police officer thinks that it is not a suicide. In this article, we will know about Kaalidas Box Office Collection, Review, Rating, Hit Or Flop.

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Kaalidas Box Office Collection – Prediction

In Tamil industry, another movie named Kaalidas is releasing and it is starred by Kaalidas. It does not seem like an ordinary script and we can have a guess at what can happen next. The movie is full of mystery and can rock the Tamil Cinema.

The Director has put a lot of efforts in creating the intensity which is needed. We can expect good earnings at the Box Office Collections

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

There is a very high possibility for the movie to collect a good amount at the Box Office. Trailer of the movie looks interesting and we will have to find out what happens on the first day of release to get the review.

1st-day box office prediction10 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction8 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction5 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction30 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction10
Total box office40 – 50 Cr

If the word of mouth is not good

If the movie faces any sudden difficult scenario due to any reasons, then the chance of collecting big at the box office will remain a dream. All depends on the pre-planning and the promotions.

1st-day box office Collection prediction4 Cr
2nd-day box office Collection  prediction3 Cr
3rd-day box office Collection prediction1 Cr
Opening weekend box office Collection prediction5 Cr
Worldwide box office Collection  prediction7 Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction20 Cr

Kaalidas Box Office Collections

We have shared our predictions for the movie and we are looking forward to collecting the Box Office Collections. The movie is seeming to earn around 20 to 30 Cr overall.

1st-day box office CollectionTBA
2nd-day box office CollectionTBA
3rd-day box office CollectionTBA
4th Day Box office CollectionTBA
5th Day Box Office CollectionTBA
6th Day Box Office CollectionTBA
1st Week Box Office Collection TBA
Total Box Office Collection TBA

Kaalidas Movie Review

Note* Review for Simmba movie will be out after the movie is released. 

Kaalidas Movie Highlights

  • The suspense in the movie.
  • Bharat Niwas’s acting.
  • Senthil Nathan’s Direction.
  • Good collection of songs.

Kaalidas Cast and Crew 

DirectorSenthil Nathan
Actors & ActressesBharath Niwas, Aadhav Kannadasan,
Suresh Chandra Menon, Ann Sheetal
CinematographySuresh Bala
Production house
  • Leaping Horse Entertainment
  • Incredible Productions
  • Dina Studios
Release date28 December 2018

Kaalidas Movie Teaser

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When it is about Shahrukh Khan, then one movie that everyone would love to talk about is Raees movie. Now, coming to Shahrukh’s recent launched Zero, there have been talks if the movie could perform better than Raees. But after the movie release, we have got a mixed reaction from the audience. Hence we are here with Zero vs Raees Box Office Comparison.

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Zero vs Raees Facts

After long waiting, we are finally seeing Shahrukh and Salman together. We see a lot of VFZ work in Zero and is about a love triangle. Zero is released on around 5965 screens, whereas Raees in 3500.

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HeroShahrukh Khan
DirectorAanand L. RaiRahul Dholakia
Original IndustryBollywoodBollywood
Budget200 Cr127 cr
Release Date21-December-201825 January 2017
Total Screens59653500
Release LanguagesHindiHindi
IMDB Rating8.2/106.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating6.3/107/10

[sc name=”Bollywood_BO_Jan_19″]

Zero vs Raees Box Office Collection

Talking about Raees vs Zero Box Office collection, we see an equal gross. The overall gross for Zero is expected to be around 250 to 300 Cr. Here we are with the day wise box office collection fro Raees vs Zero.

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1st Day35 Cr20.4 Cr14.6 Cr
2nd Day28 Cr27.80 Cr0.2 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr26.33 Cr1.33 Cr
4th Day18 Cr13.10 Cr4.9 Cr
5th Day22 Cr15.62 Cr6.38 Cr
6th Day15 Cr17.78 Cr2.78 Cr
7th Day12 Cr8.52 Cr3.48 Cr
8th Day6 Cr7.25 Cr1.25 Cr
9th Day4 Cr7.1 Cr3.1 Cr
10th Day3 Cr6.2 Cr3.2 Cr


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In the last month of the year, big movies are releasing in all parts of India. This Christmas month you would like to watch movies with your family at the theatres. We are bringing you 2 movies Zero and Maari 2 which are doing pretty good at the Box Office Collection. We will demonstrate the comparison between Zero vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection.

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Zero vs Maari 2 facts

Maari 2 and Zero are two different genre movies with different stories involving great actors. Dhanush is starring in Maari 2 and on the other hand, Shahrukh Khan is starring in Zero with the lead role. Both the superstars have a magnificent fan following in their particular industry.

Maari 2 is releasing in two different languages and Zero is releasing only in Hindi. We will share some facts about the movies.

ItemZeroMaari 2
DirectorAanand L. RaiBalaji Mohan
Original IndustryBollywoodTamil
Budget200 Cr
Release Date21-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens5965
Release LanguagesHindiTamil, Telugu
IMDB Rating8.2/106.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

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Zero vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

Maari 2 Box Office Collection is at its positive side. You will see some great action & comedy and Dhanush’s dialogue delivery seems awesome too. As we all know Shahrukh Khan is starring in the movie it is a quite easy task to reach good numbers for Zero Box Office Collection.

DayZeroMaari 2Difference
1st Day35 Cr10 Cr25 Cr
2nd Day28 Cr12 Cr16 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr11.50 Cr13.5 Cr
4th Day22 Cr9.8 Cr12.2 Cr
5th Day25.6 Cr10.4 Cr15.2 Cr
6th Day18 Cr8.8 Cr9.2 Cr
7th Day12 Cr5 Cr7 Cr
8th Day6 Cr3 Cr3 Cr
9th Day4 Cr2 Cr 2 Cr
10th Day3 Cr1.80 Cr1.2 Cr


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Shahrukh Khan vs Dhanush

Shahrukh Khan is the superstar in Bollywood and Dhanush is the superstar from the South. There is a big difference in the years of their career. Dhanush has gained popularity in the South at a good speed.

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Popularity and Fame

Shahrukh Khan is popular all over the country and even some of the foreign countries. Whereas Dhanush is popular in the South majorly and in some North States.

If compared Shahrukh Khan is more popular as he works in the Bollywood industry and a vast majority of people follows it.

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[sc name=”Bollywood_BO_Jan_19″]

Performance in this Movie

Both actors have given their best in satisfying the fans with the role they are working on.

  • Shahrukh is portraying a dwarf which gets tangled in a love triangle and learns some important life lessons.
  • Dhanush is performing the role of a badass Rowdi and is loved by everyone. It is a sequel to Maari.

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KGF and Maari 2, both are action movies and the facts are important in the comparison. KGF was released in various different languages which include Tamil too. Maari 2 is released in Tamil and Telugu industry. 2 different movies with different stories with a lot of action. In this article, we will show the comparison of KGF versus Maari 2 Box Office Collections.

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KGF vs Maari 2 Facts

KGF is the first Kannada movie to release in 5 different languages. Whereas Maari 2 is released in 2 languages. There are interesting facts about these movies to share excluding the Box Office CollectionsSai Pallavi is playing a significantly important role in Maari 2 alongside Dhanush. 

In KGF, Yash is the main hero and leading the movie from the front. One thing to know is that Yash has a good fan following in the South and can interfere with Maari’s success at the box office collection.

ItemKGFMaari 2
Director Prashanth NeelBalaji Mohan
Original IndustryKannadaTamil
Budget80 Cr
Release Date21-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens2600
Release LanguagesKannada,
IMDB Rating9.1/106.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/10

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KGF vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

We will see good numbers in the overall Box Office Collections for both movies. Expectancy is high and the movies have to stand tall to earn big. KGF has an advantage over Maari 2 as the movie is the first Kannada movie to release in 5 languages.

DayKGFMaari 2Difference
1st Day30 Cr10 Cr20 Cr
2nd Day27 Cr12 Cr25 Cr
3rd Day29.30 Cr11.50 Cr17.8 Cr
4th Day25.40 Cr9.8 Cr15.6 Cr
5th Day22.5 Cr10.4 Cr12.1 Cr
6th Day18 Cr8.8 Cr9.2 Cr
7th Day10 Cr5 Cr15 Cr
8th Day5 Cr3 Cr2 Cr
9th Day4 Cr2 Cr2 Cr
10th Day7 Cr1.80 Cr5.20 Cr

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KGF Tamil vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

Box Office Collection in Tamil Nadu is a concern, then Dhanush has an upper hand. Check below Day wise Box Office Collection for Maari 2 vs KGF.

DayKGF TamilMaari 2Difference
1st Day2 Cr3 Cr1 Cr
2nd Day1.8 Cr4.32 Cr2.52 Cr
3rd Day1.50 Cr5.8 Cr4.3 Cr
4th Day0.90 Cr4.5 Cr3.6 Cr
5th Day0.80 Cr5.2 Cr4.4 Cr
6th Day0.65 Cr4 Cr3.35 Cr
7th Day0.50 Cr2.3 Cr1.8 Cr
8th Day0.15 Cr1.7 Cr1.55 Cr
9th Day0.13 Cr1.2 Cr1.07 Cr
10th Day0.12 Cr1 Cr0.88 Cr

Yash Vs Dhanush

Yash and Dhanush are both huge superstars from the South. Both of them has started their movie career almost at the same time.

Popularity and Fame

Dhanush is quite popular in Tamil Nadu and is growing a huge fan base across India. Talking about Maari 2, he has received a response from the users.

Yash’s popularity can help collection improve in KGF Box office.

Performance in this movie

Dhanush acting in Maari 2 is exceptionally good. He has done the role of a badass Rowdi and is loved by everyone.

Yash is shown as a Gangster in KGF and his performance in this movie is mind-blowing. With this outstanding performance, people have started comparing KGF vs Bahubali 2.

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23 Cr Two big movies from the South Vijay’s Sarkar and Yah’s KGF has been a great hit. Both the movies is a great success in the Box Office Collection. People have been comparing the movie as both KGF and Sarkar has a unique storyline. In this post, we are going to see KGF vs Sarkar.

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KGF Versus Sarkar Facts

In both the movies, we have two big superstars one of Yash from Karnataka, whereas Vijay is loved in Tamil Nadu. KGF has the advantage of releasing in 5 different languages, whereas Sarkar just got released in Tamil and Telugu.

DirectorPrashanth NeelA. R. Murugadoss
Original IndustryKannadaKollywood
Budget80 Cr
Release Date21-December-20186-November-2018
Total Screens26003400
Release LanguagesKannada, HindiTamil,
Telugu, Malayalam
Tamil, Telugu
IMDB Rating9.1/107.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/108.4/10

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KGF vs Sarkar Box Office Collection

KGF Box Office collection reports are quite positive and we are expecting that it will cross  Sarkar movie Box Office collection. On its first day, KGF is already leading with 6 Cr and it is expected to move higher in the total collection.

KGF story and action has gone so viral that people have started comparing KGF vs Baahubali 2. Below is the day KGF vs Sarkar Box Office Collection.

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1st Day30 cr58 Cr28 cr
2nd Day27 Cr42 Cr15 Cr
3rd Day29.3 Cr32 Cr2.7 Cr
4th Day25.4 Cr19 Cr6.4 Cr
5th Day22.5 Cr16 Cr6.5 Cr
6th Day18 Cr19 Cr1 Cr
7th Day10 Cr15 Cr5 Cr
8th Day5 Cr13 Cr8 Cr
9th Day4 Cr12 Cr8 Cr
10th Day7 Cr5.60 Cr1.40 Cr

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KGF Tamil vs Sarkar Tamil Box Office Collection

DayKGF TamilSarkar TamilDifference
1st Day2 Cr24 Cr6 cr
2nd Day1.8 Cr18 Cr16.2 Cr
3rd Day1.60 Cr15 Cr13.4 Cr
4th Day0.90 Cr8 Cr7.1 Cr
5th Day0.80 Cr6.50 Cr5.7 Cr
6th Day0.65 Cr7.50 Cr6.85 Cr
7th Day0.30 Cr5.20 Cr4.9 Cr
8th Day0.15 Cr4.90 Cr4.75 Cr
9th Day0.13 Cr4.05 Cr3.2 Cr
10th Day0.123.50 Cr3.38 Cr

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It is Christmas time and people take out some time from their life to enjoy the festival watching movies with their friends and family. This Christmas, there are 2 new movies coming that is Zero and KGF. As both the movies are clashing on the same day, there is a lot of talk happening about both the movie. To get a clear idea about both the movie let’s do a comparison on Zero vs KGF

Zero vs KGF Facts

Zero popularity is more than KGF as it features the King of Bollywood & Salman Khan together after a long time. But, KGF has gained more popularity from People and Critics and will do good in the Box Office.

KGF is Yash’s first Kannada movie which is getting released in all 5 languages. Yash had given months to get the look for the VFX. Zero movies are produced by Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan. One thing everyone not expecting was to see Shridevi in Zero.

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KGF showing the time after freedom, we see glims of Indira Gandi’s role in the KGF. KGF is released in 5 different languages, whereas Zero has released in Just Hindi. There is also a huge difference in the budget, where Zero was made with a budget of 200 Cr, and KGF was made with a budget of just 80Cr.

DirectorAanand L. RaiPrashanth Neel
Original IndustryBollywoodKannada
Budget200 Cr80 Cr
Release Date21-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens59652600
Release LanguagesHindiKannada,
IMDB Rating6.3/109.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

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Zero vs KGF Box Office Collection Day wise

Talking about Box Office Collection, Shahrukh Khana’s Zero has a clear advantage. This does not mean that KGF will not carry out great in Box Office. The simplest opportunity we see here that humans could come to watch each of the films as it is Christmastime. Talking about Zero Box Office Collection vs KGF Box Office Collection, it is in reality tough to decide whose performance would be better. But Shahrukh Khan has a huge fan base can take a win over Yash’s KGF.

KGF, on the other hand, will also have to compete with Maari 2 as it is going to get a release on the same day.

1st Day35 Cr30 Cr5 Cr
2nd Day28 Cr27 Cr1 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr29.3 Cr4.3 Cr
4th Day18 Cr25.4 Cr7.4 Cr
5th Day22 Cr22.50.5 Cr
6th Day15 Cr18 Cr3 Cr
7th Day12 Cr10 Cr2 Cr
8th Day6 Cr5 Cr1 Cr
9th Day4 Cr4 Cr0
10th Day3 Cr7 Cr4 Cr
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It’s Christmas time and everyone will be on vacation spending some good time with their family. During this holiday we tend to spend some time watching movies with the family. Talking about movies, Holmes & Watson is one fun watching movie that you should watch. This is a comedy-mystery movie featuring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly in the lead role. In this post, we are going to see Holmes & Watson Box Office Collection and Review.

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Holmes & Watson is based in Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Jogn Watson who are called at Buckingham investigate a murder. After they visit Buckingham, they get to know that they have only 4 days to solve the case as the Queen is the next victim.

Holmes & Watson Review

The trailer of Holmes & Watson gives a clear picture of an amazing comedy coming this Christmas. John is shown a Pervert who flits with the Queen (Pam Ferris) on the first day of his investigation.

Holmes & Watson has some amazing scenes that will make you laugh. Being a mystery movie, the Directory has kepe the mystery till the end of the movie. Later we get to know the one behind the Murder is someone close to the Queen.

In supporting role we find Kelly Macdonald and Lauren Lapkus as a Doctor who helps Holmes and Watson to solve the case. The best part of the movie starts when Queen starts to live her last 2 days to the fullest. There is a lot of comedy scenes between the detective and the Queen.

Movie Highlights

  • Holmes & Watson has some amazing comedy scenes
  • The screenplay is amazing

Movie Drawback

  • Some scenes in the movies are overdone, which makes the movie boring at some point

Holmes & Watson Box office Collection

Will and John are known actors and being a Christmas time, we expect that the movie will make decent gross in Box Office. Looking at their past movies and their recent fan following, Holmes & Watson’s Box Office Collection is not expected to cross $2 Million.

As the movie is base on two known detectives, it is expected to see a decent footfall on the first day. The performance of the movie will depend on the review. Holmes & Watson is getting released in selected theaters in the USA.

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DayBox Office Collection In USA
1st DayTBA
2nd DayTBA
3rd DayTBA
4th DayTBA
5th DayTBA
6th DayTBA
7th DayTBA
8th DayTBA
9th DayTBA

Holmes & Watson Box office Prediction

The trailer has got a mix reaction and hence the movie. As rest of the movies, there is just two possibility and that is either the movie will get a good review or bad review. Hence, the collection for the movie will differ.

If the Aquaman Gets Good Review

If the movie gets a good review, the movie is expected to make around $1 M to $2 M. On the First Week of Box Office, Holmes & Watson is expected to gross amount of $800K.

 1st Day prediction300K
 2nd Day prediction250k
 3rd Day prediction180k
 1st Weekend prediction800k
 Worldwide prediction1M
 Total Box Office prediction1M

If the Aquaman Gets Negative Review

If Holmes & Watson get negative reviews, then the changes for them to success is really low. We are quite sure that Holmes & Watson will not gross more than 600K if they get bad reviews.

 1st Day prediction150k
 2nd Day prediction100k
 3rd Day prediction80k
 1st Weekend prediction250k
 Worldwide prediction400k
 Total Box Office prediction600k

Holmes & Watson Trailer

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Seethakaathi is one of the most Tamil awaited movies for Vijay Sethupathi fans. This movie is directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan & the production of this film was started in April 2017. This is Vijay’s 25th film in the lead role & he describes this role as the toughest of all. In this movie, we will see him playing the role of an 80 years old drama Artist by showcasing his journey in Theaters. In this post, we are bringing the review and day to day updates of Seethakaathi Box office Collections.

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Seethakaathi Storyline

This is one of Vijay Sethupathi’s best movie that we have seen in the lead role. The story of this movie is about an 80-year-old stage artist & his journey in theaters. This movie is based on a philanthropist Seethakaati, who expresses his journey as a stage artist.

According to Vijay, playing an older character’s role is one of the biggest challenges that he has faced. In this movie, we will see him finding someone to whom he can pass his legacy of stage acting.

According to the sources, Vijay had a very tough time, especially with the makeup artist. It is said that he spent 4 hours just to get the makeup done. Vijay’s fans will see his completely different personality in this movie & also the expectation from him will be high for the upcoming movies.

Seethakaathi Box Office Collections

Seethakaathi 1st Day Box Office Collection

Chennai35 Lakhs
Tamilnadu4 Cr
Karnataka60 Lakhs
Kerala30 Lakhs
USA2 Lakhs
Worldwide6 Cores

Seethakaathi 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Chennai28 Lakhs
Tamilnadu3.5 Cr
Karnataka50 Lakhs
Kerala27 Lakhs
USA2 Lakhs
Worldwide4.8 Cr

Seethakaathi 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Chennai25 Lakhs
Tamilnadu3.2 Cr
Karnataka38 Lakhs
Kerala24 Lakhs
USA1 Lakh
Worldwide4.4 Cr

Seethakaathi Total Box Office Collections

Chennai0.88 Cr
Tamilnadu10.7 Cr
Karnataka1.48 Cr
Kerala0.81 Cr
USA5 Lakhs
Worldwide15.2 Cr


Seethakaathi Trailer:

Seethakaathi Release Date:

The official trailer for Seethakaathi was released on 21 November and at the same time, the Seethakaathi Release date got confirmed. According to the official confirmation, Seethakaathi will release on 20th December 2018.

Seethakaathi Review

Seethakaathi is out at the big screen and Vijay Sethupathi has done a brilliant job in portraying the 80-year old’s character. The movie is full of Drama and filled with a lot of entertainment. Playing the role of Ayya Aadhimoolam needs a lot of guts. He was a veteran septuagenarian stage play actor for whom Tamil society has a huge amount of respect.

The initial moments of the movie have to be seen with a lot of patience as the story of the veteran is being narrated. After the first 40 minutes, the movie focuses deeply on his character. But while watching the movie you are continuously into it. The movie is conveyed through art and drama which is at a good flow.

The length of the movie could have been shortened down a bit. also, Govind Vasantha’s music plays a major role in the film as it beautifully highlights the emotions. Seethakathi can go down as one of the best movies if not judged for the first 40 minutes.

Seethakaathi Highlights

  • Flawless acting by Vijay
  • Amazing dialogs & screenplay
  • Overall direction is amazing

Seethakaathi Drawbacks

Seethakathi Rating

Over All Rating3.5/5

Seethakaathi Cast & crew

Directed byBalaji Tharaneetharan
Produced bySudhan Sundaram,
Umesh G.,
Arun Vaidyanathan
StarringVijay Sethupathi,
J. Mahendran,
Ramya Nambeeshan,
Music byGovind Vasantha
CinematographySaraskanth T. K.
Edited byR. Govindaraj
Production companyPassion Studios
Distributed byTrident Arts
Release date20 December 2018


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