Make friends easily

A guide to help you make friends easily when in college

Make friends easily

Do you want to enlarge your friend’s circle? Do you want to socialize better and attract more friendships? Then you are in the right place. On, I am going to give you step-by-step guidance that will help you make friends while in college. Friends make college life more memorable and interesting. That is why they are an essential aspect for any student in college life. 

Friends you currently have

To build up to how you can make new friends, let us circle back to the friends you currently have. Most people make their first friends when in school or at home with their neighbors. The two instances have one thing in common, you spent a lot of time while you were a child in them. The fact that you used to spent a lot of time in school and at home pushed you to interact with the people surrounding you. Hence they became your friends. 

I am not pointing out geography as the most crucial aspect in building a friendship. Other factors such as personality and shared interest play a vital role in making friends. We are more likely to be interested in hanging out with people that like what we like. People are attracted by different personalities too, some prefer people with attitude while others prefer calm people. But still, geography plays a crucial role in building friendships.

My first best friend was a fellow band player. We used to spend much time together while practicing. We also shared a common interest in music. We both loved rock music. We can hence add spending a lot of time together to the friend-making process.

How you can make friends intentionally 

After identifying how we made the friends we have, it is now time to create a new one. Seeking to find new friends can sound awkward. A lot of people think that it is a natural process. So trying to build new friends can sound unnatural.

However, finding your friends with a purpose will help you choose the right friends. And as we all know, the right friends lead to a happier life and a long-lasting friendship. Friends, unlike family, are chosen, you can control the nature of people surrounding you, so use that to your advantage. The friends you choose should boost your morale and provide a shoulder to lean on during troubling times.

Where can you find friends while in college?

Many people do not make new friends because they do not know where to start looking for one. If you are troubled about knowing the right spots to make new friends while in college, here is a list to help you out. It covers all the college spots that students socialize best.

Campus Events

Campus events offer the opportunity to socialize with all sorts of people. Seize this opportunity and make yourself new friends. Here are examples of college events common to many colleges.

  1. Karaoke night
  2. Guest speaker
  3. TEDx
  4. protest 
  5. free craft day 
  6. Quidditch matches 
  7. Charity 5Ks
  8. Themed dances 

The fact that you have all the talking points provided for you in these events, makes them a crucial part of making new friends.

Extra tip 

Most events provide a pre or post-reception, use this opportunity to start up a discussion.

Campus Organization

Every college provides a range of organizations which include, sports, social cause, recreational activity, recreational activity, and even career aspiration organizations. Each organization has numerous amount of members, they also all share a common interest. 

The organizations have regular meetings meaning you get to meet one group of students repeatedly. Use their repeated interactions to build new friends. 

You however need to choose your organization carefully. Remember the people you will be interacting with all share a common interest. So if you choose an organization that you are not interested in you will probably not make a lot of. 


You spend roughly twelve to fifteen hours in class. That is enough time to make a whole bunch of new people. You also interact with the same people every day, so use this time to create conversations and later advance to friendship. 

People who share the same class on campus also share the same interests. Hence you can be sure to make a lot of students in class if you put in a little more effort into it.

Your dorm

Dorms are a great place to interact with fellow students. Considering the amount of time you spend in dorms doing assignments or just hanging out with people. It is the perfect place to build new friendships. The fact that dorms are shared, though, reduces privacy, offers a lot of repeated interactions. Use this time to start random conversations with your roommate.


Friends are a crucial aspect of any students’ college life. They make life on campus easier and more interesting. However, many people have had time to make new students. If you are one of those people, then I hope this article has helped you out.

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