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Neil Nitin Mukesh is going places. Apart from the handpicked films that he is doing he’s also done his first ad.

“It’s for a sports brand called Sparks . And boy, did the sparks fly during the shoot! We shot almost non-stop for three days. At the end of it, I was completely exhausted. Since it was an ad for sports shoes, we wanted to make it as outdoor and sporty as possible. So we shot with me doing the most serious hi-jinks possible. To be sure it was my first brush with big-time stunts. And I enjoyed myself.”

There was just one hitch. “Those three days were really taxing on my energy. So at the end of each day the last thing I wanted to hear was my trainer telling me to do my cardio exercises. I begged and pleaded to be let off. But there was no respite. I think I must’ve lost quite a bit of weight during that ad.”

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Bangalore model, 19-year-old Anushka Sharma has been identified to play the female lead opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Aditya Chopra’s third film as director RAB NE BANA DI JODI.

Said Yash Chopra, “We were looking first and foremost for someone who could truly embody the spirit of small-town Punjab and we know we have found her in Anushka. And while she has no previous acting experience, we have seen that unique spark in her that makes us confident that she will be a standout even opposite Shah Rukh.”

RAB NE BANA DI JODI will go on floors on 16th May and will hit theatres worldwide on 12th December.

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It’s a universal fact that the name ‘Anupam Kher’ is synonymous with the versatility to the core. Not just that, it’s also a common fact that he is not just an actor par excellence but also an excellent human being, who is now all set to take ‘humanity’ to a different level altogether with the orphanage that he is planning to start under the flagship of ‘Anupam Kher Foundation’.
There’s a famous English that “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” But the Master Blaster Anupam Kher is all set to redefine the term ‘orphan’ and make a winner out of it.

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Anupam Kher said, Many years back, I used to do a show on Doordarshan channel called as ‘Ariel Mr. Gold’. As a part of this show, I travelled by metro trains, aeroplane, and Bikes…Etc, the lengths and the breadths of the country. And wherever I went, I used to donate Rs. 5000 to the orphanages out there. That’s where I saw the pathetic state of the orphanages in this country, which was very much contradictory to the orphanages aboard (in London and America). That’s the time when I started to cherish the dream of building an orphanage which will serve as a ‘Model Orphanage’ to others. The said orphanage will also have a Counselling Centre for the children in slums who have given up studies to earn a living and also for the children who are victims of abuse. With ‘Honesty’ as the USP of this orphanage, we are looking at helping the destitute and the slum children. We will be starting with 50-60 children, which will eventually increase. We have already requested the government to allot land in the Bandra-Kurla Complex area and are quite optimistic of the fact that the government will surely extend their support in this noble cause.â€

Anupam Kher has also appointed the bright spark Ujjwal Banerjee, (a front runner contestant in the ‘Lead India’ TV show) as the CEO of the Foundation. Talking about Ujjwal, Anupam said, “I was very disappointed that Ujjwal did not make it as a grand winner. As they say that God shuts one window to open a big other. I spotted the potential of this man on the ‘Lead India’ show, which I was hosting.â€

Here’s wishing you oodles of luck and best wishes for your dream venture, Anupamji.

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Female power is in. Deepika Padukone is busy matching Akshay Kumar’s kicks and somersaults in Bangkok for Nikhil Advani’s Chandni Chowk To China. Nearer home in Hyderabad, Jiah joins Aamir Khan matched stunt strides with Aamir Khan.

Though thankfully, she hasn’t had any mishaps yet. Jiah’s lithe stunts in Murugadoss’ Ghajini are every bit as heart-in-the-mouth as Aamir Khan’s. The only reason Jiah’s action scenes aren’t being talked about is that she isn’t talking about it. “I can’t! I’m not allowed to,” she quakes with contractual terror. “But yes, I’ve done a lot of action scenes in Ghajini. They’ve been extremely unnerving.”

The action sequences require Jiah to match Aamir kick for kick. “And they are one reason I had to lose so weight,” she admits, having returned from Hyderabad where the Ghajini shooting was wrapped up earlier this week. “The schedules don’t suffer because of Aamir’s accident at all. We resume in the middle of May as per schedule.”

On Tuesday Jiah started shooting in Mumbai for Ken Ghosh’s film with Shahid Kapoor.
“That’s the film I’m not supposed to do,” she jokes. “It’s so cheap to send compromising messages in someone else’s name,” Jiah suggests that the sms messages that embarrassed Shahid Kapoor and almost had her out of the project were sent off by someone else in her name.

“I’ve never sent sms to people in the industry beyond work. I’m so new to all this manipulation scheming and negativity. I’m just so happy to be doing two films like Ghajini and Ken Ghosh’s film where I’ve completely different roles.”

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