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Most Popular Movie Genres Watched In Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the most-watched movie industry and it is known to everyone. Being one of the top leading Industries, there are several genres and not all of them are liked. Hence, we are here to show you to let you know the most popular Hollywood Movie genres. The genres we are showing below are based on their popularity. So, let’s see if you can find your All Types Hollywood Genres.

Top Hollywood Movie Genre


Action is one of the most-watched and popular genre in Hollywood and other movie Industries. Also, Hollywood produces the highest Action movies, which we believe is one of the reasons for its popularity. In fact, this is not the only reason, but people love watching good vs evil in action. Some of the most popular action movie Matrix is also one of the most-watched movies. Hence, action leads to the popular Hollywood Gener list.


After the Action movie genre, Adventure films are the 2nd most loved genres in Hollywood. One of the reasons is the amazing story, exotic locations and also fight scenes. What makes these adventure movies exciting to watch is the suspense that is there till the end, which is why people tend to watch Adventure movies a lot.


After Action and Adventure movies, Comedy films are our next choice of genre if we choose the film on the basis of Genres. Comedy movies are created to amuse and provoke laughter to all the audience and this type of movie works out too with the Audience. Any person who is depressed, after watching these type of movies that person get overjoyed. All the scenes have to work on the given plot and timing.


The most released movie genre is Drama. Drama is to portray life or character or to tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions through action and dialogues. There are many English movies which are based on Drama as these types of movies do not require Action, Adventure or any special effects its is purely based on the artist and the character’s role-play. Drama is also sometimes added in Sub Genre like Action Drama and Adventure Drama.


Horror-type genres are the most liked genres. But these types are not very welcomed by all the audience as most of the movies are real-life incidents. Horror movies are designed to scare and to invoke our deepest fears by shock and entertaining us at the same time in a different experience. Horror films often try to evoke observers’ nightmares, fears, and terror of unnatural beings.

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The proper abbreviation for Sci-Fi is Science Fiction movies. Mostly Science fiction is a modern genre. These movies are mostly visionary and imaginary stories.  Science fiction movies often express the potential of technology to destroy some kind of being. Most of the Sci-Fi movies are future based movies and world abomination type of movies. Which actually creates interest in the audience.


Biopics’ is a term originated from the combination of the words “biography” and “pictures”.  Biopic movies are the real stories and dramatize the life of important historical persons. Biopics movies showcase the overall incidents of that personality. Numerous actors and actresses have won Academy Award acting Oscars for their role. These films mainly show the big events surrounding the person’s entire life as they rise to fame and glory. Some begin with a person’s childhood, but others concentrate on adult achievements.


War films acknowledge the events of the before and after the war letting the actual combat fighting on the land, sea, or in the air provide the primary plot or background for the action of the film. The story of war movies is to prove who is better, either of the armies fights each other for their leader. Subjects of the war films include combat, survivor and escape stories, tales of noble sacrifice and struggle of some individuals.


Romantic films are basically about the love story or an affair of the main character with the involvement of passion, emotion, and romance towards the other person. Romance films make the love story or the search for love as the main plot. And these love stories have problems which are part of every romantic movie.


Thriller is a genre whose basic fundamental feature is that it provokes strong feelings of anxiety, tension, suspense, fear, and other similar emotions to the viewers. The basic principle of the thriller movie is to unknowingly involved in a deadly situation. This type of character generates thrills to any viewers and creates excitement. Now, you can  enjoy a safe watching experience with family-friendly entertainment in your Android smartphone from Netflix, Voot and other Android apps.

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