Top 5 Hollywood Movies

Top 5 Hollywood Movies dependent on the Lottery Theme

Top 5 Hollywood Movies

The lottery is a big word that gets stuck in the mind if we hear that someone has won it either in the movies or in real life. It becomes a huge responsibility to manage such incredible amounts once you have it in hand and away from the real world into the movies. The struggle behind winning the lottery, running away from the enemies, and investing in becomes the film’s actual plot. When the word lottery comes into our minds, we think of luxury cars, luxurious homes, and vacations, little are we aware of the struggles and stress behind it. Below this article gives the complete information about Top 5 Hollywood Movies dependent on the Lottery Theme.

Here, we have some of the best films based on the theme of winning the lottery, which will take you on a roller coaster ride from purchasing the ticket to winning the lottery!

1.29th Street (1991)

29th Street is the movie that depicts the real story of Frank Pesce Jr. The role was played by Anthony LaPaglia, who is honored with the endowment of great luck since the time he came into this world. In 1991, when he was born in an already decided clinic, his mother went off to the other one, and the previous one burnt down. His luck saved him from the fire even before birth. His father was never a lucky man, but as soon as he was born, his life turned upside down, and he got everything that he had wished for. Soon as he grew up, his luck took him to the skies, becoming the central element of the New York State Lottery.

2.Waking Ned Devine (1998)

Waking Ned Devine was launched in 1998, which also revolves around winning the lottery and how to play the lottery online. The movie starrers David Kelly and James Nesbitt. The main lead named Ned Divine, when he discovers that he has won the lottery, dies out of shock. His dearest friends do not want to allow the favorable luck to bite the dust alongside him and choose to guarantee the rewards, as recognition for him, by cheating the auditors. His friends try all means and go to insane lengths to persuade the lottery reviewers that Ned is for sure alive but couldn’t come personally as he resides in a small Irish village. 

3.Finder’s Fee (2001)

In 2001, Finder’s Fee became the biggest hit of the year. The movie begins with a man called Tepper who found a wallet on the street. Erik Palladino played this role. He tries to find the person who owns the wallet, and the famous Earl Jones played this role. Out of curiosity, he dug into the wallet and found a lottery ticket inside the wallet, worth so many dollars. His mind starts to deviate, and he creates a longing for the more significant amount once he sat down to play poker with his friends.

4.LotteryTicket (2010)

The film was launched in 2010 and revolved around Kevin Carson. The famous rapper Bow Vow played the role. The plot goes about Kevin finding out that he is the winner of a giant lottery of around $ 370 million. The movie is a healthy comedy that investigates the complexities which trail his neighbors and loved ones when they discover that he has recently turned into a millionaire. The story goes about how he hides and tells the details of the newly found fortune. As soon as the word breaks, everyone comes back to him needing a taste of his luxury!

5.Fortunate (2011)

The movie was released in 2011, and it clearly shows that even the cruelest serial killers can win the lottery if luck is on their side. The story revolves around Ben Keller, who is a regular office worker with a dark mystery. He killed a lady when he found out that she had won a giant lottery worth $36m. When his colleague Lucy knows about it, she is attracted to all the wealth and wishes to be a part of it. So he starts trusting her in everything and takes her to the deadly world he belongs to. He believed she would be with him no matter what, but she had other plans. She was a gold digger and wanted to run away with the lottery ticket. Soon both of them got what they deserved.

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