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Upcoming Marathi Movies, In 2019 many Marathi Movies are Released Worldwide, In that, more than 10 movies were released in Marathi. In fact, it is very hard to find which is the Best movie. Some movie really great in the box office whereas some movie in a good response from the audience but not reaches great box office collections. Here, we detail Marathi movies and their updates and news.

List of Upcoming Marathi Movie Realising in 2019

Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2

Ye Re Ye Re Paise 2 is a 2019  Comedy-drama Marathi Movie, Flim director by Sanjay Jadhav and producers of the film Omprakash Bhatt, Swati Khopkar production company of movie Zee Studios, Ameya Vinod Khopkar Entertainment. The movie about who beats the man while selling Black tickets inside Dancer becomes an actor. Watch Ye Re Ye Re Paise 2 in a theatre for a better experience and watch Upcoming Marathi Movies.

Anandi Gopal Movie Review

Based on a period when education for women was considered taboo, this film traces the journey of Anandibai Joshi who went on to become a doctor, arguably the country’s first female doctor, and her relationship with her husband Gopalrao Joshi.

The film has its low moments as well as it gets repetitive at certain points. While some scenes, like the one where the family is ostracised because Gopalrao sends Anandi to a Christian missionary school, stand out and evoke strong reactions, there are scenes that could’ve easily been trimmed

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