Karobaar Review

Karobaar – The Business of Love

After ‘Indecent Proposal’ was released in India, everyone wanted to make a copy of the film. But nobody succeeded and ended up making a mockery of the concept. ‘Karobaar’ too is no different. Not at some comedy, but at the way, a good filmmaker like Rakesh Roshan has dealt with the subject, just because he had a producer who ran short of funds.

One should realize that this film was long overdue. The movie was almost complete after Karan Arjun and before Koyla. Eight years is too long a time for Rishi Kapoor to stay young.

Amar Saxena (Rishi Kapoor), who is an unemployed burden on his stepbrother and sister-in-law, meets Seema and falls in love with her and vice versa. Amar is incidentally studying law and has given his exams.

Suddenly he meets his old school buddy Rajiv Sinha (Anil Kapoor) and gets a job as a model. Don’t know what modeling assignments will they offer a 40-plus old man pretending to be half his age. Juhi Chawla rightly has a dialogue stating that “tum aur model”.

Anyway, when Rajiv who is a Casanova meets Seema, he feels the urge to possess her. So he takes her and Amar on a free ride to South Africa in his chartered plane without asking the poor guys whether they had passports. They roam around Sun City and Seema is maha-impressed by Rajiv’s wealth.

In an earlier scene, Rakesh Roshan, however, shows how vigilant the customs officials are at airports. So much for detail.

But Rajiv is snubbed and he vows to get back at her. Amar and Seema marry to escape his clutches. But Rajiv wants Seema and he troubles them to no extent by sending expensive gifts and demeaning Amar.

Amar breaks apart a car gifted by Rajiv, but on his way back home Amar has an accident and Seema needs money for his treatment. So she offers to sell herself to Rajiv to save Amar’s life. Rajiv has a change of heart at her love and gives her the money, but it ends up as a mistake as Amar disowns her and the baby in her womb.

Left with no option, Seema marries Rajiv and the child grows up and is framed in a smuggling case. When Amar sees the son, who ‘exactly’ looks like him, he realizes his folly. And helps catch the culprits at the end.

Fabulous locations and good experimental cinematography in patches could not salvage the film, which also had some decent performances. Anil Kapoor being the pick of the lot and giving a controlled performance. Juhi is okay and Rishi is fine. But the casting is ridiculous. Rishi Kapoor in no way looks like a twenty-year plus in Law College. He has a son old enough to be in college now.

The special effects guys should be sent abroad for training. Rishi Kapoor’s son who is being brought up by Anil Kapoor and Juhi has a face, which has been lifted from a film from his early days and superimposed on a body, which looks like Hrithik Roshan’s. The best part is when the eyes blink on an expressionless face. Why don’t they import some guys for such work if we have nitwits working at special effect studios?

If you have something better to do, give the film a miss. I have a decent proposal, play dandia instead

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