KGF vs Maari 2

KGF vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection

KGF and Maari 2, both are action movies and the facts are important in the comparison. KGF was released in various different languages which include Tamil too. Maari 2 is released in Tamil and Telugu industry. 2 different movies with different stories with a lot of action. In this article, we will show the comparison of KGF versus Maari 2 Box Office Collections.

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KGF vs Maari 2 Facts

KGF is the first Kannada movie to release in 5 different languages. Whereas Maari 2 is released in 2 languages. There are interesting facts about these movies to share excluding the Box Office CollectionsSai Pallavi is playing a significantly important role in Maari 2 alongside Dhanush. 

In KGF, Yash is the main hero and leading the movie from the front. One thing to know is that Yash has a good fan following in the South and can interfere with Maari’s success at the box office collection.

ItemKGFMaari 2
Director Prashanth NeelBalaji Mohan
Original IndustryKannadaTamil
Budget80 Cr
Release Date21-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens2600
Release LanguagesKannada,
IMDB Rating9.1/106.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/10

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KGF vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

We will see good numbers in the overall Box Office Collections for both movies. Expectancy is high and the movies have to stand tall to earn big. KGF has an advantage over Maari 2 as the movie is the first Kannada movie to release in 5 languages.

DayKGFMaari 2Difference
1st Day30 Cr10 Cr20 Cr
2nd Day27 Cr12 Cr25 Cr
3rd Day29.30 Cr11.50 Cr17.8 Cr
4th Day25.40 Cr9.8 Cr15.6 Cr
5th Day22.5 Cr10.4 Cr12.1 Cr
6th Day18 Cr8.8 Cr9.2 Cr
7th Day10 Cr5 Cr15 Cr
8th Day5 Cr3 Cr2 Cr
9th Day4 Cr2 Cr2 Cr
10th Day7 Cr1.80 Cr5.20 Cr

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KGF Tamil vs Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

Box Office Collection in Tamil Nadu is a concern, then Dhanush has an upper hand. Check below Day wise Box Office Collection for Maari 2 vs KGF.

DayKGF TamilMaari 2Difference
1st Day2 Cr3 Cr1 Cr
2nd Day1.8 Cr4.32 Cr2.52 Cr
3rd Day1.50 Cr5.8 Cr4.3 Cr
4th Day0.90 Cr4.5 Cr3.6 Cr
5th Day0.80 Cr5.2 Cr4.4 Cr
6th Day0.65 Cr4 Cr3.35 Cr
7th Day0.50 Cr2.3 Cr1.8 Cr
8th Day0.15 Cr1.7 Cr1.55 Cr
9th Day0.13 Cr1.2 Cr1.07 Cr
10th Day0.12 Cr1 Cr0.88 Cr

Yash Vs Dhanush

Yash and Dhanush are both huge superstars from the South. Both of them has started their movie career almost at the same time.

Popularity and Fame

Dhanush is quite popular in Tamil Nadu and is growing a huge fan base across India. Talking about Maari 2, he has received a response from the users.

Yash’s popularity can help collection improve in KGF Box office.

Performance in this movie

Dhanush acting in Maari 2 is exceptionally good. He has done the role of a badass Rowdi and is loved by everyone.

Yash is shown as a Gangster in KGF and his performance in this movie is mind-blowing. With this outstanding performance, people have started comparing KGF vs Bahubali 2.

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