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Meppadiyan Movie Latest News Updates, Cast & Crew, Release Date Details

Unni Mukundan’s difficult project Meppadiyan has finished shooting and the team has declared it a wrap in December. The team did filming in Erattupetta, Kerala, and had protected the shoot recently. The fitness enthusiast actor has also gained 15 kilos for the role and is undeniably a difficult project for the star. Unni said that he found the project very encouraging and has put aside many of his other projects to completely focus on this cinema.

Cast & Crew:

The movie features Unni Mukundan, Kalabhavan Shajon, Sreenivasan, and Lena as crucial characters. The remaining Vijay Babu, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Aparna Janardhanan, Nisha Sarang, Kundara Johny, Major Ravi, Sreejith Ravi, Kottayam Ramesh, Pauly Wilson, Krishna Prasad, and Manohari Amma in the supporting roles in this movie. Meppadiyan had Neil D’Cunha as the cinematographer. Shameer Muhammad is the editor and Sabu Mohan is the art manager for Meppadiyan  Rahul Subramanian will be forming the music.

Movie Plot:

Reported to be based on a disturbance in the life of the director, Meppadiyan will have Unni playing a garage buyer named Jayakrishnan, who meets some surprising events to his extent. Actor and producer Vijay Babu, who was part of the cast originally, called the script exciting and family-oriented and said he couldn’t be part of it due to other responsibilities. Recently in this movie, Meppadiyan released two songs Mele Vaanil and Kannil Minnum songs on Youtube. While watching the video songs make the more interesting in this film.

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Release Date Details:

The movie shooting is completed but some other post-production work is pending. Recently the movie makers announced the Meppadiyan release date on  17 Dec 2021. So all are watching the movie in theatres and make happy with our family.

Recently Unni Mukundan tweets on Twitter about the movie Kannil Minnumsong 

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