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Punjabi Movies Released in 2019

High-End Yaariyaan 

The Punjabi film High-End Yaariyan contains a good storyline with good content. The film displays about three good friends Karan, Manga, and Ninja. All of them live abroad and live an elegant life. However, three of them are failed in their personal life relationship. Later, they vow to each other not to fall in love again. Eventually, all of them fall in love with the same woman. Click here for the details of High End Yaariyan Full Movie Download

Kaake Da Viyah 

Kake Da Viyah is a satire Punjabi movie about a man who adhered to satisfy the desire for 3 imperative movies in his life. This movie is Directed by Rai Yuvraj Bains and Whereas the lead role is played by Jordan Sandhu and Prabjot Grewal. This is an adventure for the boy who experiences distinctive circumstances to make his better half, his mother, and his grandmother equally happy. This is a fascinating movie that you should watch. Click here for the details of the Kaake Da Viyah Full Movie Download.

Kala Shah kala

One of the unique comedy concept movies that released in Feb 2019 was Kala Shah Kala. Kala Shah Kala Movie is directed by Amarjit Singh, whereas in the lead role is Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta. Both actors have done a great job in this movie. Kala Shah Kala Movie story of this movie is about a dark complex man having issues to find a girl for marriage. When he meets Pammi (Sargun) decides to marry her. But when he finds about a love triangle, he decides to prove his love for Pammi. During this journey, he faces a lot of issues which is quite funny to watch. This movie will soon be available. Click here for the details of  Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Download.

Kaka Ji 

Kaka Ji is a Punjabi Drama movie directed by Mandeep Benipal. This movie talks about the era from the 90s and how the Kachia wale gang was dominating Punjab. The two main characteristics of this movie Kaka Ji and Deepi involved in a fight with that gang. Now, Kaka is on a journey to stop the fear of this gang. This is really an interesting movie that you can watch and know more about its availability you can check Kaka Ji Full Movie Download.

Do Dooni Panj 

Unemployment is one of the major topics in Indian. Whereas Haari Bhatti, Punjabi film director brings this topic to light with his newly released Do Dooni Panj movie. This is a comedy movie, about a man who is struggling to get a job even after being a Ph.D. holder. Now, he is left with nothing but to fight with the education and the government of India. This is really an interesting movie that you should watch. Click here for the details of the Do Dooni Panj Full Movie Download.

Dulla Vaily 

Dulla Vaily is a Punjabi action movie featuring Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh in the lead roles. This movie highlights the importance and the problem that you will face if not educated. Dulla is the main character of this movie. This movie is about the fight between Dulla and a Corrupt landowner who fools people for land. This is Dulla’s fight to give justice to everyone who was fooled by the corrupt landowner.  Click here for the details of  Dulla Vaily Full Movie Download.


Ishq is a Punjabi romantic thriller movie directed by Nav Bajwa whereas it features Payal in the lead role. Nav is also playing the lead character along with Payal. Ishq is a movie about a man with multiple personality disorders and gets upset when he knows about Payal’s boyfriend. Now Payal and his boyfriend are on a journey to catch hold of the person who is behind all this. The movie will soon be available on legal streaming websites. Click here for the details of Ishqaa Full Movie Download.

Band Vaaje

Binnu Dhillon and Mandy Takhar starring new Punjabi movie Band Vaaje opened with great reviews. After Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhaiyan Binnu Dhillon and Smeep Kang have come up with the new Punjabi movie Band Viaje. Likewise, the earlier one, Band Vaaje has also released amazing reviews. Not only comedy but the movie also has a romantic touch in the story and List Of All Punjabi Movies. Click here for the details of  Band Vaaje Full Movie Online

Rabb Da Radio 2

Rabb Da Radio 2  is a Punjabi drama film directed by Sharan Art. The film features B.N Sharma and Avtar Gill in the supporting roles. When Manjinder Singh takes his newly wedded wife Guddi to his maternal home, he is heartbroken to realize that things are not what they used to be 16 years back. Once a close-knit family of his four maternal uncles now had walls not only between their houses but within their hearts as well. Click here for the details of  Rabb Da Radio 2 Full Movie Download

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