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Sammathame Movie Latest News Updates, Cast & Crew and Release Date Details

Most Famous in one film like RX100’s hero Kiran Abbavaram will be seen in the next musical Entertainer Sammathame movie. The movie is directed by romantic entertainer Gopinath Reddy. The film has produces by K Praveena under the banner of UG Productions. The film has set to release on November 19th, 2021.

Cast & Crew:

Sammathame star features Kiran Abbavaram and Chandni Chowdhury in the lead roles. Shekhar Chandra contributed the music, Satish Reddy presented the cinematography and Viplav Naishadam finished the editing.

Poster Details:

The moviemakers should deliver the first look poster of the movie on the occasion of Kiran Abbavaram‘s birthday. The poster is very impressive and the movie is going to be a super good love story. Kiran and Chandni look so beautiful and both combinations are the first time in the Telugu film industry. Audiences are also expecting the film to hit the big screens like the SR Kalyana Mandapam movie.

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Movie Plot:

The story revolves around two children meeting. They often find various problems. Problems take a whole new turn and change their lives endlessly. After seeing the first look poster the consent is going to be the movie Beautiful Romantic Entertainer. Kiran Abbavaram looks quite disciplined serving in a corporate company.

On the other hand, his associate Chandni Chowdhury is definitely not his type. Her drinking moreover smoking meant a great surprise to him. Anyway, a love affair ensued between the two. To express their feelings, they choose the way they make conversations using song lyrics. Kiran says that the new is new and yes, the love story looks very fresh.

Movie Glimpse:

The original glimpse gives the main actors two unusual characters. In order to completely understand each other, they use the lyrics of the songs to perform communications. Next, the dialogues will be done using some melodic and romantic songs that will give the audience a whole new experience.

Kiran Abbavaram and Chandni Chowdhury own fulfilled wonderfully in their particular roles. The film guarantees the latest chemistry and romance on the big screen.

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